How Much Does a Segway Cost?

The Segway is a two-wheeled vehicle that allows an individual to move easily from one place to another.  It can run up to 12.5 miles per hour and are powered by rechargeable batteries.   The price of Segways can depend on the model, condition and where it’s purchased from.

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How much does a segway cost?

TypeBase starts at... (MSRP)
I2 SE Personal Transporter $6,000
Segway Xt >$5,000
x2 SE Golf >$8,000
I2 SE Patroller$6,700
X2 SE Patroller$6,500
SE Commuter$6,500
x2 SE Adventure$7,400
SE Cargo$6,700
SE Turf$6,500
miniPro (similar to a hoverboard)$600

What is going to be included?

i2 Personal Transporter Completely versatile and eco-friendly, the i2 can travel 24 miles on a single battery charge. Depending on the terrain, the i2 can move both backwards and fowards. Traveling faster than 12.5 mph, it has a built-in alarm, wireless controller and other various features.
Segway Xt Providing enhanced performances compared to the personal transporter, the Xt can travel on uneven terrians, dirt and pavement. Deisgned to protect the rider from debrise, the Xt is ideal for those that want to travel outdoor trails.
X2 Golf Designed for golf courses, the x2 can hold a golf bag and work uneven terrain. Ideal for traveling all sorts of golf courses, this is a great alternative to golf carts.
X2 Personal TransporterFeatures a wide platform, optimized for rider comfort and is equipped with gliding lights so that the rider is easily seen on the go. This Segway is designed primarily for law enforcement and can go 12 miles on one charge.
I2 SE PATROLLERFeatures a wide platform, optimized for rider comfort and is equipped with gliding lights so that the rider is easily seen on the go. This Segway is also designed primarily for law enforcement and can go 24 miles on one charge.
Designed for wide-open areas, such as farmlands and even construction sites, the X2 SE is the perfect fit for any outdoor situation, according to the official Segway website. Its deep threaded ATV-style wheels can handle virtually any terrain.
One S1Unlike the Segway you're accustomed to seeing, this one wheel, electric, this self-balancing gadget can work for anyone.
mini PROEven though it looks like a toy, the mini PRO is far from one. Developed with precise advanced balancing technology, this Segway works with your smartphone, syncing it with its sophisticated software to create a smooth ride 24/7.
NinebotThis hands-free balancing scooter is known for its kneel control bar that allows you to weave in and out of any tight space. Like the mini PRO, it has a Bluetooth remote control to keep it up to date.

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know:

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How can I save money?

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