How Much Does a Taxi Cost?

Taxi cab fares differ from city to city and are sometimes calculated in different ways.  The following information will give you a general idea of what the cost of a taxi will be in an average city.  If you would like to calculate taxi cab fares for specific cities or specific destinations, visit Taxi Fare Finder.

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How much does a taxi cost?

Major CityPer Mile Charge
Albuquerque, NM$2.15
Anchorage, AK$2.10
Atlanta, GA$2.10
Baltimore, MD$2.30
Boise, ID$2.25
Boston, MA$2.90
Charlotte, NC$2.45
Chicago, IL$1.90
Cincinnati, OH$1.90
Cleveland, OH$2.15
Dallas, TX$2.25
Denver, CO$2.40
Des Moines, IA$1.80
Detroit, MI$1.70
Honolulu, HI$3.30
Houston, TX$2.10
Indianapolis, IN$2.25
Kansas City, MO$2.00
Lexington, KY$2.20
Las Vegas, NV$2.50
Los Angeles, CA$2.60
Miami, FL$2.50
Milwaukee, WI$2.40
Minneapolis, MN$2.40
Nashville, TN$2.10
New Orleans, LA$2.00
New York, New York$2.00
Orlando, FL$2.50
Philadelphia, PA$2.25
Phoenix, AZ$2.10
Pittsburgh, PA$1.80
Portland, OR$2.35
Salt Lake City, UT$2.40
San Diego, CA$2.75
San Francisco, CA$2.70
Savannah, GA$2.10
Seattle, WA$2.40
St. Louis, MO$2.20
Spokane, WA$2.45
Tampa, FL$2.30
Toledo, OH$1.80
Tulsa, OK$1.80
Washington, D.C.$2.00

Note:  An initial fee of at least $1 to $5 will be charged on all fees noted above.  So, a one mile trip in Tulsa, Oklahoma, could cost $4.80 if there was a $3 initial fee.

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