How Much Does a Tonkinese Cat Cost?

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The Tonkinese cat, commonly referred to as a Tonk, was the result of breeding the Siamese and Burmese cats.

This cross-breed was given the name “Tonkinese” in relation to the island in the South Pacific, where it was known that half-breeds suffered no discrimination.

Usually appearing as a medium-sized and muscular cat, the Tonkinese is a sociable and playful breed that enjoys human attention as well as association with dogs and other cats.

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How much does a Tonkinese cat cost?

The cost of a Tonkinese cat will depend on the breeder, the quality, colors, pattern, breeder, bloodline and geographical location.  Based on these factors, a kitten can cost anywhere from as little as $300 to more than $650.

According to, a pet quality Tonkinese generally sells for $350 to $550, whereas a show quality Tonkinese can cost more than $600.  Retired Tonkinese cats, commonly put up for adoption by those who show their cats, can cost $50 to $300.

According to Burke’s, the price of a fully-vaccinated, vet-checked and microchipped Tonkinese kitten starts at $400. The show quality Tonkinese can usually be adopted for about $600, according to the website.

Cat Animal World says these breeders tend to be less prevalent but is readily available on the Internet. If you were to find one, they say you should be prepared to pay $600 to $1,200.

What is going to be included in the adoption fee?

A reputable breeder, at a minimum, should include registration paperwork, a health guarantee, health checkup by a licensed veterinarian, up-to-date vaccinations and a travel crate if shipped.

What are the extra costs?

As with any pet, factor in recurring costs such as food, cat litter, accessories, grooming sessions, pet sitting and vet visits.  A healthy cat can easily cost $500 per year and much more if your cat were to come down with an illness or require an unexpected surgery.

Shipping costs are often charged separately if you were unable to pick up the cat in person.  Shipping via an airline could cost about $300, whereas ground delivery via a specialized pet shipping service could be half of this.  Some breeders won’t ship their cats will ask that you meet at an agreed upon location.

While their short coat needs little attention, an occasional professional cat grooming session could be required.

Tips to know:

The Tonkinese cat is known to be a very lovable cat that craves attention and will willingly return it.  The features of it ears, face, and tail resemble the pointy features of the Siamese cat.  Most owners say that the Tonkinese breed has the best qualities of the Siamese and the Burmese cats.  Compared to their genetics, the Tonkinese won’t appear as stocky.

The cat can weigh anywhere from eight to as much as 12 pounds, depending on the gender.  The body is often very muscular and they can appear lighter than they are.

The coat colors, since it’s a mixed breed, will really come down to the parent’s genetics, but you will see three coat varieties when browsing:  either a solid, pointed or mink, which is a mix between the two.  Popular colors include champagne, blue and platinum.

When healthy, the Tonkinese can live anywhere from 13 to 16 years.

The Tonkinese is a “wash and wear” cat that requires minimal grooming and will look excellent even with a once-a-week brushing.

Check if the seller of the Tonkinese is recognized by cat associations or is a member of these groups.  Always make sure your breed offers a written health guarantee to protect your investment.

Visit cat shows and meet Tonkinese owners in person.  They usually have good advice to offer when it comes to choosing a Tonkinese cat or kitten.

Some cat breeders may require a deposit, with some referring to it as a holding fee.  This deposit will be included in the adoption fee when you pick up your kitten the day it’s ready.

The breed is known to be hardy when it comes to their health conditions but some have been known to develop respiratory issues.

How can I save money?

Consider adopting a Tonkinese from a reputable retired breeder or rescue group that is more interested in finding a good home for their cats rather than fetching a hefty price for the animal.  Reference for available Tonkinese breeds in your local area.

Check local animal shelters.  There are always cats who are in need of a home, and there is a chance that you may find a Tonkinese there.

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  1. Karen Paterno (Melbourne,  Florida) paid $450 and said:

    I bought my Tonk 6 years ago in Havana, Fl. He is purebred and a platinum point, a loving, playful wonderful pet. I didn’t intend to show him so when he literally picked me, it was a match made to be. Although I could not afford to pay that much now, I am so grateful for this cat, his love and companionship. This is the best cat I have owned in 60 years by far.

    Was it worth it? Yes

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