How Much Does a Toupee Cost?

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A toupee is a piece of artificial hair that is used to cover up male pattern baldness and can be ordered ready for use straight off the shelf, or it can be custom made, depending on the individual’s preferences and budget.

How much does a toupee cost?

On average, depending on what style of toupee and material you choose, the costs of a toupee can range anywhere from as little as $75 to as much as $650.  Generally, custom options are going to be higher than a toupee that can just be bought off the shelf.  Custom orders, from what we researched, are often $350 to $550, whereas a toupee that’s already made can cost anywhere from $75 to $175.

For instance, at Advent Hair in Carlisle, Missouri, they offer custom hair systems for $575, plus options, which include customizations.  An oversize base, for example, will cost another $75, while Remy hair would cost an additional $100.

The Wig Warehouse offers a wide selection of toupees from various brands.  For example, the Helena collection ranges anywhere from $95 to $700, while the Jon Renau collection can cost anywhere from $125 to $425.  The Wig Pro brand retails for $335 to $375.

On, the highest rated toupee pieces range anywhere from $75 to more than $145.

Factors that affect the price

Hair quality

Toupees are made using either natural or synthetic hair.  Hairpieces created with natural hair are often more expensive than those with synthetic hair.  Companies will often use Indian Remy hair when using a natural hair product.  Custom-made toupees, usually, are made with quality human hair. The color, the density and the texture will be matched so that the toupee looks like natural hair.  These toupees can cost thousands.  Ready-made toupees are often made using artificial materials and can be purchased for less than $50 via online stores, boutiques or mail-order catalogs.

The method of attachment

Toupees can be attached to the head in a variety of ways. One is via adhesives, which allows easy attachment and removal.  Metal clips, another method, are fastened to the underside of the toupee and attached to the natural hair.  Lastly, snaps are tied or sewn to natural hair and can only be removed or adjusted by a technician.


Toupees made with excellent quality human hair require greater care and maintenance than synthetic wigs.  Human hair toupees need to be shampooed and conditioned every seven to 10 days using a special shampoo and conditioner designed for toupees made with human hair.  After washing, they need to be dried by air or by a dry blower on a low heat setting.

Toupee overview

A toupee can come in natural or synthetic hair and will require a special glue or double-sided tape underneath it so it adheres to the exposed area of the scalp.

Toupees will have a varied base size dimension, length, density, curl, and hairstyles to suit different preferences.  Some come with bangs, crowns, or knotting styles, while others can be parted in different ways.  Basically, if you can imagine the hairstyle and color, a company should be able to create it for you.

If ordering a customized toupee, it can take anywhere from three to five weeks to receive your order.

What are the extra costs?

Various accessories need to be budgeted for that are designed to help care for the hairpiece in the future. These accessories, and their estimated cost, can include adhesives ($4 to $10), brushes ($3 to $15), shampoos and conditioners ($6 to $17), styling sprays and gels ($7 to $8), wig stands and caps ($3 to $9) and a mannequin head while the toupee is not in use ($40 to $120).

WebMD recommends purchasing two units if you plan on wearing a semi-permanent attached hairpiece.  They state the reason is due to the fact that while one is being maintained, you can wear the other.

Tips to know:

If opting for a custom toupee, make sure that the supplier offers a money-back guarantee to ensure product satisfaction.  Should you be dissatisfied with the order, the toupee maker should rebuild it for free, or you can return the toupee in an uncut and unaltered state in the required period in order to get a refund.

When ordering a ready-made toupee, make sure that it has the right density and has enough hairline recession. Having too much density on the toupee and then thinning it out can result in tiny stubble against the base, which then creates an irregular, coarse feel when running fingers through the hair.  Also, a toupee with adequate hairline recession can help make the hairpiece appear less evident.

The best way to store a wig is by hanging it on a wig stand.  This way, the toupee does not become tangled and soiled between wearing and it can also maintain its style.

Steer clear of any company attempting you to sign up for a maintenance contract.  Once you purchase a toupee, you should be free to go wherever you please when buying maintenance products.

Questions to ask a retailer

How do I go about the selection process?

How do I find the appropriate size and color?

How do I choose the right toupee for my face shape?

How important is the density of the toupee?

How long does the toupee last?

Is the photo on your website exactly the same as the item I will receive after ordering?

If I order today, when will I receive the item?

What is your policy on returns and exchanges?

How do I determine the shipping costs for my order?

How can I save money?

Discounts can be obtained from toupee suppliers that offer discount coupons to online buyers.  Orders that reach the minimum order amount and are used with coupons may qualify for free standard ground shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

Look out for items included in an online store’s clearance sale.

Some toupee suppliers offer free ground shipping to customers who place orders exceeding their minimum order policy.

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