How Much Does a Treadmill Cost?

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If you wish to stay in shape by running or walking, you may find it hard to find time or you may not have an available walking area, especially during the winter season.  Joining a gym can be costly and inconvenient, but purchasing a treadmill for your home can be a great way to stay in shape on your own terms.  Treadmills allow you to exercise while watching television, in a comfortable temperature, and at any time of the day.

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How much does a treadmill cost?

While most treadmills are automatic, manual treadmills can still be purchased for about $100 to $200.  For example, the manual treadmill by Cory Everson will cost about $150.

Automatic treadmills, those with a moving track for your feet, will cost between $300 and $2000.  This large price range is due to all of the different brands available and the different features each brand may offer

For example, some treadmills fold up so that they do not take up so much space in your home.  The LifeSpan Fitness LS-FT is a folding treadmill that will cost about $500.  Some treadmills are only made for walking and have a top speed of 5 or 6 mph.  This can be seen in treadmills such as the Paradigm Walking Treadmill and will cost about $320.

Many treadmills have an incline option, making it seem as though you are walking or running up a small hill.  The Horizon Fitness T101 has this option as well as many other features and costs $600.  There are many treadmills which offer the fold-up option, higher speeds (up to 12 mph) for faster running, multiple pre-set fitness programs, options to form your own fitness program, ability to store past workout information, etc.  These more complex machines will cost between $1000-$2000.  For example, the Bowflex Series 7 treadmill will cost $1300.

A manual treadmill that doesn’t require any power can range anywhere from $90 to $200.  These treadmills can have many of the other features that automatic treadmills include such as mileage and calorie count.  These type of treadmills also have an incline option as well.

According to, if two walkers will be using the treadmill, plan on spending $1,000; however, if two joggers will be using it, you should be prepared to spend up to $1,500.

Type of TreadmillPrice Range
Academy Treatmill$350 to $1,400
Horizon Treadmill$550 to $1,900
Lifefitness Treadmill$1,900 to $5,000
Nordictrack Treadmill$600 to $2,500
Precor Treadmill$1,500 to $2,000
Proform Treadmill$600 to $1,500
Xterra Treadmill$600 to $1,300

To give you a good idea what you can afford, here are a few brands, price ranges, features and reviews:

Treadmill Cost Range
Low-End ($100 to $200 Stamina InMotion Manual 3/5 stars with 18 reviews Two incline positions, electronic monitor and one-year warranty
Low-End ($350 to $500)

Merit Fitness 725T

4/5 stars with 78 reviews2.25HP motor, 2-window LED and 18×45″ workout area
Middle ($800 to $1,000) Smooth Fitness 5.65 Folding 4/5 stars with 170 reviews 3 Window LED, 2.75HP, 20×55″ walking surface.
Middle ($1,000 to $1,200) LifeSpan TR 1200i 4/5 stars with 68 reviews 2.5HP, Multicolored LCD screen, weight loss programs and “Best Buy” award winner.
High-End ($1,400 to $1,600) Sole F80 Treadmill 4/5 stars with 80 reviews 3.0HP, 7.5-inch LCD display and 350-pound capacity.
Premium ($2,000 to $2,200) Precor 9.27 Treadmill 4/5 stars with 7 reviews Cushioned impact, 10 workouts programmed and heart rate monitoring.

Treadmill overview

There are three common types of treadmills:  the budget folding treadmill, folding treadmill and non-folding treadmill.  The budget folding will have a strong running belt, often designed for walkers.  These treadmills will include a speed, distance, time and calories burned display, as well as a bottle holder and shelf.  The folding treadmills will be sturdier and can be good for occasional running.  Lastly, a non-folding treadmill will have a sturdier deck, frame and a longer belt.  These tend to be the best choice for frequent runners and higher speeds, heart-rate controls and are rated for heavier people.

All treadmills will come with an owner’s manual with instructions.

Most treadmills come with some type of limited warranty.  Some also have options for extended warranties for an extra cost.  If a warranty is included, make sure that you read the fine print closely.  All warranties are going to vary.

Most treadmills have a safety feature which turns the treadmill off in the case of a fall.  Most will also have some sort of heart monitor.

Most treadmills will have a similar footprint, measuring 77 inches long by 35 inches wide.

High-tech models will include docks for your phone, built-in heart rate monitors, USB ports, mobile app connectivity, built-in exercise programs and even WiFi Internet connectivity.

Most will have top speeds of up to 10 to 12 mph.

What are the extra costs?

While there is not much cost for upkeep, it is suggested that you keep the belt oiled.  LifeSpan Fitness offers a cleaner for $15.

Considered as a premium option, treadmills today can come equipped with TVs and interactive maps.  These maps make it as if you were actually running the course you chose.

Tips to know:

Take a look at what the treadmill is going to be used for.  What kind of features do you want?  There are many types of features out there that can include simulated map runs and more.  Usually, the more you pay, the more you’re going to get in terms of features.  Check the weight restrictions and take a look at your height.  Longer people tend to need longer treadmills.

Be sure to measure the space that you have to work with.  Treadmills are larger and can take up a good amount of space.

While most treadmills will come with incline settings, be sure to look at what kind of inclines that these treadmills can offer.  Cheaper treadmills may only offer 2 types of inclines.

Check with the warranties with the treadmill.  Make sure that there’s a warranty because problems can occur the minute you bring it home.  A one year minimum in terms of parts and motor should be more than enough.  The warranty will often reflect the quality, so if the warranty is short and the company doesn’t back its product, you may want to question it.

Be sure to know how much body weight a treadmill can handle.  On average, the impact from a treadmill can withstand around two to three times your weight.  For those who are over the 250 pound mark, it’s wise to find a treadmill that can handle up to 300 pounds.

Top brands to consider:


Horizon Fitness

Life Fitness








Best-selling treadmills online

How can I save money?

Most companies have sales on treadmills at the end of the year, a time when new models come out as well as when new years’ resolutions are made.  Watch the weekly sales ads for special deals.

Used or refurbished treadmills can be purchased through services such as Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist.

Don’t be cheap with your treadmill.  You have to understand that if you’re going to use it on a daily basis, you don’t want it to fail after years worth of use.  While it’s very tempting to purchase a $200 at the local sporting goods store, be careful what you pay for.

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