How Much Does a Vizsla Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 8, 2018

The Vizsla dog breed originated from Hungary and is known as a sporting dog.  One of the smallest types of pointer retrievers today, the Vizsla is great for hunting and is known as a loving family companion dog.

The cost of a Vizsla will depend on the age, the breeder selling it, quality, its parents/bloodline, geographical location and what’s included with the adoption.

Vizsla by stroncer, on Flickr
Vizsla” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  stroncer

How much does a Vizsla cost?

On average, a Vizsla puppy older than six to eight weeks with all of the appropriate paperwork can cost anywhere from $700 to as much as $1,200 based on the factors mentioned above.   However, from time to time, you may be able to find a puppy from a “champion” line of parents going for as high as $1,500 to $2,000+.  Remember that a higher price does not necessarily mean that you are getting a high-quality dog.  Be sure to research the breeder from which you are adopting.  Check out our table below to see what breeders across America were charging.

On a forum thread on the website, forum members claimed that you should be able to find a puppy that is less than $1,200., an online classified ad service for pets, has close to 100+ classified ads at the time of this writing.  On average, the listings range anywhere from $600 to around $1,000.  Most of the breeders we looked at offered registration, up-to-date vaccinations, a vet exam, health certificate and guarantee.

On the official AKC Marketplace, most of the breeders we saw, who listed their prices, often charged $1,300 to $1,500.

Geographical LocationPrice Listed
Billings, MT$1,000
Boston, MA$1,400
Charleston, SC$850
Cleveland, OH$800
Des Moines, IA$900
Detroit, MI$800
Houston, TX$1,200
Minneapolis, MN$1,200
Mobile, AL$900
Orlando, FL$1,000
San Diego, CA$950
Santa Fe, NM$1,600

What is going to be included in the adoption fee?

If the puppy is registered with the AKC, the breeder will provide the appropriate paperwork.

Most reputable breeders will include all the necessary vaccinations, deworming, health records, a health checkup performed by a licensed vet and a written health guarantee.

Some breeders may also include a microchip.

Shelters and local rescues will include startup packages that include starter items such as flea control, sample foods, and coupons.

What are the extra costs?

Obvious recurring costs, as with any pet, in the future need to be considered.  Food, accessories, shelter, vet visits, and the necessary start-up supplies.  It is best to budget about $50+ per month to take care of a healthy dog.  The costs could be much more if the dog were to come down with a disease or costly surgery.

Obedience classes are highly recommended, especially at a younger age.  These classes can start at $75 and go up from there.

Shipping charges can apply if the dog has to be shipped by an airline or via a ground transportation method.  The cost to ship a dog can cost anywhere from $150 to $350, depending on the distance traveled.

Tips to know:

This type of breed, from most of the ads we looked at, will often have their tails and ears docked when born.

Their personality is known to be very active, agile, affectionate and gentle.

Males, on average, will measure 22 to 24 inches tall, while females will measure slightly smaller, 21 to 23 inches tall.  As for weight, males will weigh 55 to 60 pounds, and a female will be, again, slightly smaller at 44 to 55 pounds.

If healthy, a Vizla can live 12 to 14 years.

These dogs are known to be some of the best dogs in terms of training.  Equipped with attractive characteristics, this dog is known to show a lot of devotion to their owners.

These dogs are required to have a great amount of exercise every day.  For that reason, these dogs aren’t recommended for those who live in apartments or condos.  Failing to do so can lead to boredom, which eventually turns into destruction.  If the dog is allowed outside, be sure to supervise at all times.  Due to their hunting nature, it will be in their instincts to want to explore and hunt.

Epilepsy and seizures are major problems found; also occurring are eye disorders, skin diseases and hip and eye disorders.

A Vizsla needs a great amount of companionship and won’t like being left alone for long periods of time.  If so, they can become destructive, bark consistently or chew uncontrollably.  If you work most of the day or are rarely home, then this dog may not be for you.

Does a Vizsla shed?  The dog has a shorter coat than average, and for the most part, they don’t shed. However, in the spring and fall months, they will shed their entire coat

How can I save money? 

Try working with a local shelter or non-profit such as the Humane Society.  While most breeders can be reputable, a shelter can offer lower prices since they are not in the business to make a profit.  While rare, if this type of breed can be found at a shelter, it will more than likely be an older dog.  Even if you can’t find this breed, you may be able to find a mix or a dog that closely resembles it.  For instance, the Vizsla Pitbull, Vizsla Lab and Vizsla Boxer mix are commonly found in some shelters.

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How much did you spend?

Was it worth it?  

  1. CA (San Diego,  CA) paid $0 and said:

    I think your estimate of $30 per month to take care of the dog is WAY TOO LOW. Any dog owner should expect to pay for a quality, food, toys, kennel, training, vet bills. My estimate is more like this:

    Vet bills $50 (Assumes dog has one major illness every 5 years costing $1,000 plus routine visits.)
    Food $50
    Training, toys, kennel cost when you go on vacations $50

    I personally spend a lot more than this, I think this is about as low as you can really expect. Vizslas chew things up and can also get injured in the field. My Vizsla has had his stomach pumped 6 times and he is only 5 years old. He has been bitten by another dog (needed antibiotics), had to be neutered, had a growth removed, got an infected wound, etc. etc. Vet bills can be SUBSTANTIAL. Do not get a ANY dog unless you can afford $150-250 a month to take care of it. It is a BIG responsibility.

    Was it worth it? Yes

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