How Much Does Abalone Cost?

Abalone is a gastropod commonly found in the majority of oceans worldwide and is prized as a culinary treat amongst the Japanese and the United States.

Like other edible gastropods, which include clams and scallops, the section that is eaten is its large muscular foot that forms the majority of the body.  In many areas, there is a size limit to prevent the harvest of juvenile specimens.  Its size limit varies depending on the local regulations.

A classic preparation method involves breading and frying; however, some adventurous cooks add it to pasta sauces or even make sushi with the rich white flesh.  Because of the price and the rarity of this seafood, it is usually reserved for special occasions.

Abalone by liewcf, on Flickr
Abalone” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by liewcf

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