How Much Does AcceleDent Cost?

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AcceleDent is an FDA-cleared Class II device that is designed to speed up your orthodontic treatment and ease discomfort by fitting around your existing braces or clear aligners in the form of a mouthpiece.

Wearing this device for about 20 minutes a day, the device applies vibration, allowing teeth to move up to 50 percent faster, according to the manufacturer.

AcceleDent Cost
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How much does AcceleDent cost?

The cost of AcceleDent will depend on the orthodontist you choose, the device (Aura or Optima) and your geographical region, with the average price reported by users being in the $550 to $1,500 range for the actual device, and the price, from what we researched online, seemed to greatly depend on how many your orthodontist would purchase at once as those who purchased in bulk were able to offer much lower prices than those who didn’t.  In fact, a lot of orthodontists who did talk online often stated they would be charged about $1,000; however, if they purchased enough in bulk, the prices, with a rebate, could drop to as little as $400.  Most orthodontists would often sell at costs as a favor to their patients due to the positive experience it brought to the orthodontic process.

Being an elective procedure, almost all dental insurance policies will not cover the device, but it maybe eligible under your HSA or FSA if prescribed by a licensed dental professional.

According to one member on, for example, he was quoted $1,500 for the device, while another member who replied on the same thread stated he was quoted $900.

How AcceleDent works

As teeth move, they go through a process known as bone remodeling, and when force is applied to the teeth, the bone cells are then mobilized around the root of the tooth.  This cellular response, essentially, cause the changes in the bone surrounding the tooth, allowing your orthodontist to help guide your tooth movement.

AcceleDent, when worn for 20 minutes a day, will apply precisely calibrated vibrations, known as micropulses, which are designed to transmit through the roots of your teeth to the surrounding bones.  Then, this gentle vibration, when applied, will increase the cellular activity and the speeds in which the teeth can move.  With this technology, the company claims that AcceleDent has shown to move teeth up to 50 percent faster.  It’s also clinically shown to reduce the pain and discomfort up to 71 percent.

Who is the ideal candidate?

According to Vijay Bhagia, DDS via, he found at his practice that those who are on a strict deadline, are professionals in the public eye and/or have very difficult orthodontic cases seem to benefit because of the faster treatment process.  He also noted that these are by no means all of the examples, just a select few from the 100 or so patients he dealt with at his practice.

Tips to know

Be very wary when purchasing a secondhand unit on eBay.  While the prices may be tempting, you do not want to buy the device second hand as it is reported they are reported to stop working 18 months after daily use due to the timers built in within the unit.

The company does claim the device is safe and was demonstrated so via U.S. clinical trials.

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