How Much Does Acoustiblok Cost?

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Acoustiblok, a proprietary formulated viscoelastic polymer, which is basically a thick piece of rubber, can attach directly to the studs before sheetrock is installed.

This sound deadening material reduces sound and commonly is found in hospitals, hotels and industrial projects where sound control is important.

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How much does Acoustiblok cost?

The average price of Acoustiblok soundproofing materials cost, including carpeting, is around $1 to $2 per square feet for the materials only.  If you wanted to have a professional contractor install it, then the prices could increase to $3 to $5 per square foot from the quotes we received.

According to one member on this forum thread, they found the prices generally start at $2 per square feet, but if you make a few calls, you may be able to get it as cheap as $1.25.

One retailer we found online,, was charging $108 per 12.5 m2 roll.  This equates to 134 square feet or $1.24 per square feet.

Acoustiblok overview

Acoustiblok soundproofing materials is a sound deadening material that is used in construction. It is made of a proprietary viscoelastic polymer material that has a high-density mineral content. Acoustiblok offers high-performance sound reduction solutions for industrial areas, construction sites and other projects where sound control and privacy are important. Even though it is heavy, Acoustiblok soundproofing materials are engineered through a distinct thermodynamic process and are considered extremely flexible.

When sound waves cause this material to flex, very small trace quantities of inaudible internal friction occur. The acoustical energy is transformed and dissipated into heat.

Acoustiblok is an economical noise barrier that is made from proprietary visco-elastic polymer material, which has a high-density mineral content. This is, in essence, a greatly superior technique of using large solid materials to stop sound transmission. It can easily be installed with no special tools, construction changes, or skilled labor.

The material comes in two types:  one or two pounds.

What are the extra costs?

Because the product is extremely heavy, shipping costs can add up if ordered online.

Plan on spending an additional $1 to $2 per square foot to have the material installed by a professional. To find out what contractors are charging in your area, consider getting multiple quotes for free at

Tips to know

Acoustiblok sound-isolation material is 100% recyclable.

Typically, it is applied as part of a ceiling, layered wall, or floor construction. It should be stapled into wood studs or screwed into metal studs prior to drywall.

It is approved for utilization in more than 350 wall and floor or ceiling assemblies. Construction membrane material boosts the acoustical attenuation properties of the conventional wall as well as floor/ceiling designs.

Depending on the cuttings patterns, 3M spray adhesive can be used to secure the pieces in place.

Ensure that you properly ventilate the work area. Acoustiblok soundproofing materials are U.L-approved for application in over 375 fire-rated floor/ceiling and wall configurations.

One layer in a standard wall results in additional sound reduction compared to poured concrete.  Acoustiblok material layers properly set up on either side of the studs can reduce sound transmission nearly the same as 24 inches of concrete material, and when combined with Thermablok, it boosts the value of thermal insulation up to 40%. Acoustiblok soundproofing material is also applied as a component in noise abatement systems.

How can I save money?

Buying Acoustiblok in bulk from some retailer may attract discounted prices.

If you’re looking for a soundproofing material, be sure to compare other options as well., for example, listed a few options, noting the prices can greatly vary.

With a little experience, Acoustiblok isn’t hard to install.  As mentioned, it attaches directly to the studs before the sheetrock is installed.

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