How Much Does Aimovig Cost?

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Aimovig, used to prevent migraine headaches, is a migraine medication available by prescription only and is approved by the FDA.

Being an antibody, just like the antibodies in our natural immune system, which are designed to help attack viruses and other intruders, these antibodies within the injection, unlike our natural ones, are produced in a lab, designed to hook onto the receptors known to react with a protein called CGRP.  While professionals are unsure why the CGRP levels increase during a migraine, the maker of the drug notes that may be a connection between CGRP, the CGRP receptors and a migraine.

How much does Aimovig cost?

Like most prescriptions, the cost of Aimovig will depend on the dosage/quantity, the pharmacy you choose and your health insurance coverage.  Based on these factors, the average cost of two 70mg/ml sureclicks averages about $600 each without any insurance or discounts.  Since you use the injection once a month, this is the price you should be prepared to budget for monthly.

As per, Medicare will not cover this drug and the same can be said about multiple private health insurance companies; however, this doesn’t mean you cannot save money and/or your health insurance company will help reimburse you.  When filling any prescription, be sure to talk with your health insurance company to see what you may be responsible for if you were prescribed this medication.  However, be prepared for a denial as we didn’t find anyone as of yet who was approved via their carrier, but to be fair, this drug is relatively new to the market, so things can change in the future. notes the official list price is $6,900 a year or about $75 for once monthly self-injections.

How to save on Aimovig

Aimovig coupon:  The official manufacturer of the drug, Amgen, offers the Aimovig Copay Support program, a program that is designed to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses to as little as $0 as long as you qualify.  As per the fine print on the official website, it appears the “pay as little as $5” is designed for eligible patients who have commercial insurance and eligibility is not based on your income.  To see if you qualify, visit to enroll and see if you qualify.

Coupons:  Online third-party prescription coupon-based websites, such as, offer coupons that you can print from home and simply display at your local pharmacy to pay the price listed on the website.  Granted, if you do consider this route, then you can only use the coupon or your health insurance card — no in between.  With multiple coupon-based websites online, search to see which website is currently offering the best deal, and even if you have health insurance, be sure to compare the two prices to see which option is best for your wallet.

Free trial:  On the official website of the drug, you can try Aimovig for two months at no cost as long as you meet the eligibility criteria and program terms.  You can learn more about the program by visiting the official website.

Aimovig side effects

The most common side effects reported include reactions at the injection site, constipation, cramps and/or muscle spasms, according to multiple medical studies.  This is not a full list; for more side effects reported, refer to this FDA guide.

Tips to know

The medicine is designed as an injection beneath the skin and you will be taught how to use the medicine before you leave your doctor’s office.  As with any medication, be sure to use the drug as expected — don’t inject less, more or stop without your doctor’s consent.

Aimovig is the first and only FDA-approved treatment to help block the calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor (CGRP-R), which plays an important role in a migraine, according to this Novartis press release.  It was approved by the FDA in May of 2018.

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