How Much Does Airrosti Cost?

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Airrosti, which stands for Applied Integration for the Rapid Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries, is considered to be a “safe and highly effective alternative to surgery, pain management and long-term chiropractic treatment programs” and can help accurately diagnose and resolve the source of pain and injuries at one of its multiple locations throughout the United States.

Most patients, according to the website, report complete injury resolution in as little as 3.2, with 99% of their patients claiming they would report the clinic to friends and family.

How Much Does Airrosti Cost?
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How much does Airrosti cost?

The costs of Airrosti, from our research via third-party sources online, would greatly depend on your insurance policy if you had one and the location you used.  With insurance, co-pays per session could be as little as $10, while those who paid out of pocket reported paying upwards of $200 per session.  As the average patient will need at least three treatment sessions to see results, we would advise you budget at least $600+ for three sessions if you do not plan on using your health insurance plan.

According to the company’s official FAQ, they do accept a broad range of carriers and are actively working to establish relationships with new insurance companies, so with all of this being said, it’s best to talk with your insurance company to know what you would be responsible for if you were to make an appointment.  To see if they accept your insurance, we recommend you go to the official insurance verification page located on their website.  The company, at this time, does not work with Medicare.

On this for the Houston, Texas location, one member claimed that she paid over $200 for each of her three sessions, effectively bringing the total cost to $600.  This was also confirmed among many of the Yelp pages for their other locations.

Rachel Stolle via her post stated she only had to pay $10 per visit plus another $40 for “The Stick,” bringing her grand total for five visits to $90.

What is Airrosti?

Airrosti is a healthcare group that employs and also trains providers who specialize in delivering high quality, outcome-based musculoskeletal care, according to the FAQ.  Their primary focus, while working one-on-one with each patient, is to help reduce recovery times, while preventing unnecessary costs associated with surgical procedures, medications and imaging.

During each visit, active recovery/rehab is performed, following a highly targeted manual therapy, which is designed to help restore function in the targeted body part to help correct any injuries to the soft tissue.  The term “active recovery,” again, per the FAQ on the official website, refers to a customized program designed by the company to create a customized program that consists of exercises and stretches to help target the specific injury.  These exercises, when performed, can help speed up your recovery period, and if done at home in a consistent manner, then it may help enhance your flexibility, range of motion and even prevent future injuries from occurring again.

As the company only focuses on manual manipulation, making it a non-invasive and natural treatment, the company does not provide medications and/or steroid shots.

What to expect

Each treatment session will last one hour, with each session specifically catered to your treatment plan.  During the first initial treatment appointment, your provider will perform a clinical assessment to help evaluate your condition, determine the cause of the pain and use a hands-on approach to deliver a soft tissue/joint mobilization.  Active rehab will then be used to help speed up your recovery and help prevent any future injuries.  To know more in detail as to what to expect, the company offers multiple videos on its website.

Tips to know

The company does claim that if they are unable to help you or you even decide that you do not want to seek treatment with their company, then up to that point, they will refund any money that has been charged before the start of the visit.

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