How Much Does AirStone Cost?

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AirStone is a type of wall covering that can be applied to just about any surface without the use of any power tools.  Since the material weighs less than 75 percent of actual stone, it can be glued into place, creating the illusion of real stone from a distance.

AirStone is a new and innovative material that offers you the look and texture of stone without the high cost of materials and installation.  AirStone can make a great backsplash or even a fireplace surround.

It’s non-combustible, non-flammable, and has a Class A ration in accordance with ASTM E-84 standards.

How much does AirStone cost per box?

On average, plan on spending around $50 for every eight square feet of surface you want to apply it.  This is going to include the materials only and no professional installation will be included.  To find out how many boxes you will need for your project, you can refer to this calculator.

Since this stone is easy to install, most people skip out on the professional contractors; however, if you were to hire one, the costs to do a backsplash or fireplace would probably cost you less than $200 to $300.  To find out what a contractor may charge, consider getting multiple quotes from contractors in your area for free at  Here, you explain your job and licensed contractors in your area will contact you with a ballpark estimate.

For example, at, for example, a box of eight square feet of AirStone retails for $60. did a review on Airstone and stated that she paid $50 for a box that covers up to 16 square feet.  This particular blog post also shows you how the installation process is done.  Overall, her entire renovation cost her less than $100.

AirStone overview

Airstone comes in three common colors:  Autumn Mountain, Vineyard Blend, and Spring Creek.  The Autumn Mountain color resembles a brown-creamish color, Vineyard Blend has a wider range of brown tones, and the Spring Creek has an array of gray tones.

Aside from the colors, the stone also comes in different types: corner, flat, and natural edge stones.  The cornerstones are designed to be used when either doing a two-sided wall or when doing a single wall with an edge.  This makes the stone look almost natural.  While the flat stones still have texture, they are much smoother to the touch than the natural edges stones, which feel more like natural stone.

Pieces will be either two or four inches in height and will have lengths that vary from four to 12 inches.

The containers of AirStone will either be measured by the number of square feet or the number of linear feet contained in the box.

All AirStone products come with a limited warranty.  There will be a brochure with the products explaining what will and will not be covered.

What are the extra costs?

A bucket of adhesive will be necessary and can cost around $15 to $20.  Lowe’s recommend a premium construction adhesive that can be applied with a caulk gun.  If you buy the adhesive that is designed specifically for the AirStone, it will cover about 30 square feet of space.

While optional, painting can be done if you want to change the colors.

You will also need a few other items, such as a caulk gun, rags, gloves, and a putty knife, if you were to do the installation on your own.

Tips to know:

This material works best on brick, ceramic tile, stone tile, stucco, cement board, concrete, and drywall.  It is advisable that you steer clear of wood surfaces, wallpapered walls, floors, and ceilings.

There are tutorial videos that show the installation process step by step.  These videos also give tips on how to make the installation easier and how to add the final touches to make the wall look as natural as possible.

Since this is a Lowe’s exclusive product, it can only be found in its stores.

Unlike other stone, AirStone will require no power tools at all.  The installation process simply requires a pre-mixed adhesive that is placed on the back and then pressed against the wall.

If you need some ideas, consider looking at some ideas over at

How can I save money?

Remember that AirStone is not real stone.  If you want a real stone backsplash or fireplace, consult with a contractor to see what they may charge.  What you may find out is that it could be a bit more to have the real thing installed.  Basically, this product is designed for those who are looking to save money and do the job on their own.

Using AirStone is already saving you money, but it also saving other people money.  For example, because the product is so light, it is less expensive to ship.  AirStone is also environmentally friendly since it is made from 80% recycled materials.  Why?  “Beyond the obvious environmental benefits, recycling can also have an important economic impact. Many of today’s state-of-the-art materials have distinct advantages over conventional ones, although they often cost more to produce. By recycling these materials, Baton LLC can incorporate the benefits at a fraction of the original cost. The result is a better all-around product that is affordable, along with a sustainable business model for generations to come.”

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