How Much Does an ALLDATA Subscription Cost?

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ALLDATA is the industry’s top source of automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto repair software for the professional automotive service industry.  It provides diagnostic and repair data.

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How much does an ALLDATA subscription cost per month?

The cost of ALLDATA will greatly depend on the bundle you purchase.  The best selling bundles, according to the official website, range anywhere from as little as $190 to $269 a month.  Refer to our chart to see what you may pay:

InclusionsMonthly Price
Repair - Update + Mobile Repair$190
Repair - Update + Manage Online$249
Repair - Update +Tech-Assist$200
Repair - Update +Mobile Repair + Manage Online$269
Repair - Update +Mobile Repair + Tech Assist$220
Collision - Update + Estimate Integration$259
Repair - Update ONLY$169 for first-time customers
Collision - Update ONLY$209
Estimate Integration ONLY$79
Manage Online ONLY$105
Tech Assist ONLY$40
Mobile Repair ONLY$35
Mobile Collision ONLY$35
Training Garage Enterprise MONTHLY$55

NOTE:  These prices are as of 2017 and are subject to change.  Refer to the official ALLDATA website for more information on pricing.

ALLDATA options


ALLDATA Repair, the most popular option, delivers online OEM repair information, with factory-direct diagrams, repair procedures, technical service bulletins, diagnostic trouble code, OEM-original wiring diagrams, parts and labor quotes, timing belt interval charts, tire pressure monitor system reset procedures and system descriptions.  All of the OEM data is unaltered, meaning you will receive the information you need directly from each manufacturer.


The ALLDATA Mobile app includes all of the features Repair has but also offers OEM repair information and diagrams in an easy-to-read mobile format.

ALLDATA Manage Online

ALLDATA Manage Online allows shops to create estimates, repair orders and order parts online from reputable vendors.  It can also keep in touch with your customers and run essential business management reports.

ALLDATA Training Garage

ALLDATA Training Garage is an extensive training program that covers the technical and business subjects to help supplement courses in tech training programs.  Technical courses include fundamentals, maintenance, engines, steering/suspension, brakes, electrical, transmission, HVAC and diesel.   Business courses include business building and shop management.  You can see the entire list of courses here.

ALLDATA Tech-Assist

ALLDATA Tech-Assist offers advance support from a highly-skilled diagnostic team of ASE Certified Master Technicians.

ALLDATA Collision

For collision shops, the company offers ALLDATA Collision, offering collision shops full access to a database of more than 38,000 engine-specific vehicles.  This service includes OEM procedures, the handling of new materials and panel removal and replacement, for example.

What are the extra costs?

The bundles often include two packages.  If you were to build your own bundle, then each option, as explained above, will add to the costs.  Refer to our table above to see what it would cost.

How can I save money?

For non-shop owners, ALLDATA does offer a DIY version, which costs as little as $29.95 per year.  This version offers information for one vehicle and includes all service/repair procedures, maintenance schedules, factory part numbers, factory-correct wire diagrams, technical service bulletins and labor time estimates.

The company does offer demonstrations for first time users.

Search for promotion codes before purchasing online.  For first-time buyers, it is not uncommon to find a discounted promo code either on the official website or on a third-party website.

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