How Much Does an Altium Designer License Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 10, 2018

Altium Limited, also known as ASX, manufactures and sells software used by the most renowned global companies to design their electronic products, particularly printed circuit boards.

An Australian multinational software corporation, the company focuses on electronics design, 3D PCB design, and embedded systems development software.

Founded in 1985, they have offices worldwide, with U.S. locations in Boston and San Diego.

How much does an Altium Designer license cost?

Altium Designer, from what we researched, will charge a fixed price, plus the first year of maintenance.  Then each year, after you pay the first, you can choose to continue paying the maintenance fees.  All in all, the prices start at $7,245.  The first year of maintenance, if you continue to pay for updates, is said to be about $1,750 per year.

A press release on the official website said Altium Designer 14 starts at $7,245, including a one-year subscription.

According to forum members on this forum thread, many members claimed you have to pay $9,000 at first and then you can either choose to pay nothing again or can pay the annual maintenance fee to get updates.  As long as you continue to pay the maintenance fee, you will be entitled to future updates. says Altium is considered to be the most popular PCB design package that starts at over $7,000.

San Francisco Circuits compared six of the most popular PCB packages:  DipTrace, Eagle, OrCAD, PADS and Scale.  In their comparison, they noted the price started at $7,000.

Altium Designer license options

There are three major license options available:  14, 14 SE and 14 Viewer.

14 offers a fully customized board design and manufacturing capabilities.  With its native 3D PCB design and editing, this complete front-end engineering designs system is available for both programmable logic and board-level design.

14 SE is an option for the system engineer with a complete front-end schematic designs or both programmable logic and board-level designs.

14 Viewer is a free, quick and secure read-only exploration of the Altium Designer projects.

How can I save money?

Educational prices are available to students and faculty.  Check with your local university and the company for more information.

A 15-day full featured evaluation license is available by filling out this form.

Altium, one of the many PCB design packages, are available on the market.  Popular alternatives include Eagle ($65~ per month) or OrCad ($2,300~).

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