How Much Does an Ice Luge Cost?

An ice luge is a large ramp of ice that can create various sculpted forms and has a narrow channel carved through it.

At the top of the luge, the liquid is poured into the channel, and a few seconds later, the icy cold drink is dispensed at the bottom.  When the liquid comes through the spout, it can be caught by a glass; however, when an ice luge is used at most parties, the liquid ends up falling directly into someone’s mouth.

Typically, liquor is used as the drink of choice with an ice luge.  Rather than pour a shot in a glass and drink it, the shot will be poured down the luge and caught in the mouth.

Ice Luge! by joyosity, on Flickr
Ice Luge!” (CC BY 2.0) by  joyosity

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