How Much Does an MRE Cost?

MRE, or “Meals, Ready to Eat,” are a series of pre-cooked food items that are put into a plastic pouch, known as a retort. These retorts are then packaged and sealed in such a way that they are able to last for long periods of time.

MREs were originally developed as field rations for the military.  Before World War I, the first ration contained beef, peas and rice.  Then, these were replaced by lightweight preserved meals to save weight and allow more of the packed food to be carried by soldiers.

Some of the early MRE foods were not very appetizing; these meals even earned nicknames such as “Meals Rejected by Everyone” or “Meals, Rarely Edible.”

But this has been improved.

Today, MREs are considered tasty and nutritionally balanced meals that even civilians come to love.

Even though these meals are designed for survival in the military, there are other uses.  For example, many people choose to keep MREs in their bomb shelters if they are preparing for a disaster.

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How much does an MRE cost?

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Tips to know:

How can I save money?

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