How Much Does an Ostrich Cost?

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The ostrich, a large, flightless bird that originated in Africa, is often raised on its farm for its eggs, oil, boots, feathers, clothing and meat.

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How much does an ostrich cost?

The cost of an ostrich may vary depending on the size, age, type, health condition, geographical location and the seller.  On average, the costs of an ostrich can range anywhere from as little as $500 for chicks to as much as $50,000 for a proven breeder.  Since so many health problems exist in chicks and juveniles, it can be a challenge to raise two successful birds for breeding purposes, hence the higher prices.  Plus, an ostrich won’t be able to reproduce until it’s two to three years old.  Refer to our chart below to see what an ostrich may cost.

For example, at, chicks 30 to 60 days old cost $525, while those 61 to 90 days old cost $625.  Juveniles 91 days or older can cost more than $775.

According to North Carolina University Cooperative Extension Service, a chick breeding pair of ostriches can cost $6,000 while an adult pair older than one year old can cost upwards of $12,000+

Type of OstrichAverage Price
Hatched Chicks$500 to $1,500
Pair of Breeding Chicks (3-6 months old)$5,000 to $10,000
Pair of yearling pairs$15,000 to $25,000
Pre-breeders older than three years old$35,000 to $45,000
Proven breeders$50,000+

Ostrich overview

The average ostrich can stand about eight feet high and can weigh 200 to 400 pounds.

Three popular varieties include the Blueneck, which is the largest ostrich, the hybrid blue, and the Redeck, which is smaller than average.

Ostriches can vary in color, each representing a different subspecies. The African black, a hybrid produced from the blue and red species, is shorter, smaller and will have darker feathers than other species.  The Redneck, from east Africa, has creamy white skin on the thigh, with the exception of when it’s breeder.  The Blueneck, native to Africa, has blue-gray skin.

As long as healthy, an ostrich can live up to 50 years, but in the wild, the average lifespan ranges from 20 to 30 years.

What are the extra costs?

If the seller doesn’t include, a pre-purchase examination is highly recommended to ensure the bird is healthy.  Most mortality rates occur before the ostrich turns six months old, and if the breeder were to offer a return policy or health guarantee, this could ease your mind knowing no diseases exist at the moment.

To protect against theft and record keeping, many ostrich owners insert a microchip, which can cost about $100 if a local vet were to install it.

Don’t forget the reoccurring costs such as the feed, vitamins and veterinarian visits.  A diet is similar to what a chicken, but they also feed on seeds, roots and leaves.  Plan on feeding them at least two pounds of food a day as well as four gallons of water.  Most ostrich farmers report spending $50 to $75 per month on feed alone.

These birds need a fence that is at least six to eight feet tall to prevent escape or even harm.  Ostriches are known to be very strong, and their kicks are known to be vicious.  Each toe has a long claw, and the kick is so powerful that it could potentially be fatal.  Because of this, the fences are very important and proper handling is vital.

Aside from the fencing, an ostrich needs at least one to two acres of land and should have some type of shelter from the outside elements as well.

Shipping charges may apply if you were to buy from a breeder outside your state lines.

Tips to know:

Many health problems do persist, mainly in chicks and juveniles, hence the cheaper prices.  This can include starvation, malnutrition, intestinal obstruction, leg abnormalities, improper handling, stress and genetics.  In the United States, a variety of diseases exists as well such as rhinitis, candidiasis, Salmonella, aspergillosis, and coccidiosis infections. Parasites identified include lice and ascarids.

While innocent, ostriches love to peck at anything shiny, such as jewelry.

These birds tend to be friendly unless they have eggs or babies around.  If this is the case, they can become aggressive.

How can I save money?

You can save money by purchasing younger chicks.  The older the ostrich, the more expensive it tends to cost.

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