How Much Does an Updo Cost?

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An updo is often the most preferred hairstyle for most women looking to attend a special occasion and formal event such as a wedding.

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How much does an updo cost?

On average, an updo is going to cost anywhere from $45 to as much as $80 for just the updo.  This won’t include the makeup or any other additional accessories.  Generally, bridal parties are going to pay more than those who walk in for a casual event.  The costs really come down to the geographical location and salon doing the job.

At a corporate chain such as Fantastic Sam’s, our local location said they would charge $35.  Great Clips, another popular chain, said it would be about $45.

A spa located in Santa Barbara, California, said their hairstyles start at $55, and the price will vary depending on the level of detail.  For wedding events, for instance, the salon said they would charge $70 for the updo hairstyle for $70 and an another $40 for a consultation.  For the wedding party, aside from the bride, the hairstyle package will cost $60, while the updo hair and makeup service costs $120.

CBS Detroit provides a list of what it considers the best salons in the Detroit Metro area offering an updo hairstyle and the respective rates.  At Runway Salon & Spa and De Jolie Salon & Spa, for example, their updo prices start at $55.  At the Edwin Paul Salon, the updo prices start at $60, while the Alex and Emilio Salon charges $65.

On this forum thread, members talked about what an updo would cost in their area, with most saying it could be anywhere from $50 to more than $150 with makeup.

Factors that affect the price

Hair length

The cost of an updo hairstyle depends on the length of the hair.  Most salons quote starting prices, which increase the longer the client’s hair is.  Hair at the middle of the back is regarded in salons as very long hair and often calls for higher rates.

Hair type

There are basically three types of hair: fine, medium and thick.  Fine hair is normally easy to style while thick hair can take extra time and effort.  Often, the thicker the hair, the more costly styling it will be. This is due to the bulk and the weight with which the stylist has to work.

Updo style

Updo hairstyles are in varied forms and can be done on different types of hair and hair lengths.  The cost of an updo hairstyle also depends on the style and the complexity of the design.  The most basic updo hairstyles include braids, ponytails, buns and knots.  All these can be styled according to the stylist’s abilities and expertise.  The more complex the updo is, the higher the cost will be.

Time required

Although the length of time it takes for an updo hairstyle to be completed can vary from one style to another, updo hairstyles, in general, take a lot of time to finish.  Due to this, some salons require hourly rates for this particular service.  The expertise of the hair stylist in completing the service can also affect the general price.

Updo overview

Most hair salons perform consultations with customers before proceeding to do your hair.  This consultation will cover the various aspects such as the appropriate style for the facial features, possible updo styles, and other hair styling options, to name a few.

The estimates mentioned above will include the hair pieces, if necessary, the accessories, again, if necessary and the stylist’s time.

An updo can come in many different styles:  it can be straight, textured, wispy, worn loose with stylish curls, pulled back into an intricate knot at the nape or pulled tight for a more eye-catching appeal.  Other salons have red carpet styles and pageant hairstyles.

What are the extra costs?

There are hair salons that require a deposit when arranging an appointment.  Customers need to pay the deposit before an appointment schedule is approved, but it will be applied to your total when you show up for the style.

In some circumstances, it may also mean getting a new hair color as it is an excellent way to accentuate the hairstyle.  Adding a special color via hair highlights or hair lowlights shades can add a whole new appeal to an already special look.  However, some salons recommend getting a new hair color a week or two prior to an updo appointment to make sure that the color is set.

Customers may also need to have hair cutting, chemical or wax services prior to getting an updo hairstyle will need to factor in additional charges.

Adding or incorporating hair pieces or hair accessories to the updo style require additional work for the hair stylist and usually calls for extra charges for services and placement.

Depending on the hair salon or stylist, customers who prefer home services are charged on a per-hour basis and are required to pay for a stylist’s travel fees.

If the updo is for your wedding, some stylists suggest a trial run a few days before the wedding.  This is for the stylist to practice the style and for the bride to ensure that she loves the style.

Tips to know:

The updo hairstyle should be appropriate for the event.  A special occasion calls for a special hairstyle that should complement the outfit as well as the affair.  If you do not know what to do with your hair, ask the stylist her opinion.

Starting out with a consultation is recommended to ensure that the stylist is aware of what the customer prefers.  Also, this is a good time for the hair expert to make suggestions or improvements to the customer’s preferences.

How can I save money?

Take advantage of specials offered at hair salons such as new client coupons.  Depending on the hair salon, these offers may include special rates on the cost of an updo.

Many hair salons hold promotions in observance of certain celebrations such as weddings, homecoming, graduations, proms and balls.

If an updo is needed for either a prom or wedding, ask for a group discount.  You may be able to bring the costs down if you bring in your party or friends all at once.

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