How Much Does Artful Ashes Cost?

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Artful Ashes “capture the essence of your loved ones spirit in a swirl of color and ashes,” memorialized in glass art.

With each order treated with the utmost care, the popular company, based in Seattle, can mail you a collection package no matter where you live.

To date, the company has mailed more than 35,000 pieces.

How much does Artful Ashes cost?

The cost of the glass art via the official website wasn’t publically list, but we were able to find the shipping costs on the official FAQ page if you did live outside of the Seattle area and/or couldn’t deliver the ashes personally.  If you were to have a complete USPS Priority Express mail package delivered to your home, this would cost $25.40, but Canadian customers would pay $23 for expedited parcel.  Again, this is for the shipping prices only, not the price of the actual art.

As for the art, we had to dig into third-party resources to find out what the pieces cost, and from what we found, the prices seemed to be in the $185 range, according to the Kearney Hub.  These prices are only an estimate and are not deemed to be accurate.  To be certain as your situation could vary, it seems to be very easy to contact the company, either through the official website on their official Facebook page through the instant messenger.

A reviewer on the company’s Yelp page showed a picture of the orb she had created and noted the orb for her retailed for $185, plus another $15 for the lighted base.  This didn’t include the shipping fee as mentioned prior, which would cost another $25 and yet another $25 to have it shipped back.  In conclusion, if you wanted this orb at the base price, it would be best to budget $185 plus the $50 for shipping, bringing the total to $235.

What’s included in the art?

The company asks that you bring in a small amount of ashes, about one tablespoon, either via the collection kit in the mail or in person at their Seattle office.  Inside the glass art, your loved one’s ashes then show up as a tiny white foamy layer that’s sealed forever, often with small bubbles inside the piece, referred to as “spirit bubbles.”  Customers, from what we did read in the reviews, could pick and choose the colors they wanted inside the piece, creating a “unique” item.

Depending on the piece you want to purchase, the hearts are 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches and 14 ounces in solid glass, the orbs are 3 inches across and also 14 ounces of solid glass, while the angel wings are 1 1/4 inches across and 1 ounce of solid glass.  Each memorial will include a short inscription, which is usually located on the back or the bottom of the piece.  You can see a variety of the options on the official website.

Tips to know

Orders are completed and delivered to the customer within four weeks, according to the company.

Even if you send in too many ashes, the company will send back any ashes they didn’t use.

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