How Much Does Camping Cost?

Camping is a perfect example of an outdoor recreational activity.  Campers usually leave urban areas to enjoy nature and wildlife while spending several days and nights outdoors.  A tent is usually associated with camping since this is the most commonly used shelter as it is easy to build and collapse.  The price for camping varies depending on the geographical location, the type of campground, the time of year, the facilities being offered, the number of people and how you’re going to camp.

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How much is it?

WhereAverage Price Per Night
Brown County State Park$25
Bull Run Park Camping$33 to $47
Burke Lake Park$20
Darien Lake$120 to $200
Disney World Camping$60 to $120 (tent), depending on time of year or $93 to $159 for full hook-up. Preferred and premium can be 30% more.
Douglas County Fairgrounds$20
Dry Tortugas$3 per person
Enchanted Rock$14 to $18
KOA Tent Camping$30 to $55, depending on the location
Lake Lanier Camping$21 (tent) to $55 (RV lakefront with full hook-up
Lake Skinner$20 (basic) or $35 (full hook-up)
Petit Jean State Park$17
Red River Gorge Camping$3 for 1 night, $5 for 3 nights, $7 for 7 nights
Riverside State Park$30
Sebastian Inlet$28
Yellowstone Camping$20 to $47
Yosemite$6 to $26

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

How can I save money?

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