How Much Does Caviar Cost?

Caviar, globally known as a luxury food, holds the record as the world’s most expensive food.  It’s the lightly salted, processed eggs of the sturgeon fish, commonly from the Beluga variety.  Since Iran and Russia quit taking wild sturgeon from the Caspian sea, most caviar bought today will come from a farm.

Although people associate all fish eggs as caviar, this isn’t true.  The only true caviar will be harvested from the sturgeon.  If it’s harvested from any different fish, it will be referred to as roe.  As stated on our table of costs below, there are many species which produce a high-quality roe such as whitefish, trout and salmon.

Caviar by Annie Roi, on Flickr
Caviar” (CC BY 2.0) by  Annie Roi

How much is it?

SpeciesAverage Cost Per Ounce
Caspian Sea Beluga$350
Classic Osetra$100
Gold Osetra$300
Pacific Salmon Roe$90
Pacific Steelhead Roe$90
Platinum Osetra$350
Sevruga $100
Sterlet $80

Types of caviar

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Tips to know:

How to serve caviar

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