How Much Does Cereal Cost?

Although most people think of cereal as a breakfast item which is eaten in a bowl of milk, the word “cereal” actually refers to a grain such as wheat, corn, or oats that are used for food.  These grains can be made into many items or can be added to different things to enhance the flavor and add nutritional content.

Cereal can be served hot, such as oatmeal, or cold, such as a bowl of Cheerios.

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How much does a box of cereal cost?

Type of CerealPrice Range
Apple Jacks$3 to $5
Banana Nut Crunch$3 to $5
Cap'n Crunch$3 to $5
Cheerios$3 to $5
Chex$3 to $5
Cinnamon Toast Crunch$4 to $6
Corn Flakes$3 to $5
Crispix$3 to $5
Honey Nut Cheerios$3 to $5
Fiber One$4 to $6
Fruit Loops$3.50 to $5
Frosted Flakes$2 to $4
Frosted Mini-Wheats$3.50 to $5
Fruity Pebbles$3.50 to $5
Grape Nuts$4 to $6
Honey Bunches of Oats$4 to $6
Kashi$3 to $6
Life$3 to $5
Lucky Charms$4 to $6
Raisin Bran$3.50 to $5
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups$3.50 to $5
Rice Krispies$3 to $5
Shredded Wheat$2.50 to $4
Special K$3 to $5

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