How Much Does Chantix Cost?

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Chantix, the #1 prescribed quit smoking aid, is a prescription-based drug that is designed to help people quit smoking, effectively reducing the symptoms felt when people quit smoking.

Blocking the pleasing effects of nicotine in the brain, the drug, at the time of this publishing, does not offer a generic equivalent and is covered by most insurance companies.

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How much does Chantix cost?

The costs of Chantix, as with any prescription medication, will depend on the pharmacy you use, your health insurance policy and the quantity prescribed.  With a few options and prices varying across pharmacies, we broke down the averages we were given when we called a few pharmacies, such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Costco, and included our findings below in the table:

Starting Month Box- 53 tablets: $425
- 106 tablets: $850
- 159 tablets: $1,250
1 mg Tablet- 53 tablets: $425
- 106 tablets: $850
- 159 tablets: $1,250

NOTE:  These are the prices of Chantix without any insurance.  These prices can decrease if you implement any of the savings tips mentioned below.

Chantix, thankfully, is covered by most private health insurance policies, including Medicare.  If you have health insurance, be sure to check with your provider to see what you’re responsible for as the costs will greatly vary on so many factors such as your policy, co-pay and annual deductible.  With these factors, it can be hard to offer an exact estimate, but from the quotes gathered online, it appeared insurance card holders paid anywhere from as little as $0 to as much as $450+ for a 30-day supply.

Since you will have to take Chantix for a full 12 weeks to see full effects, you should be prepared to spend about $1,200+ for the full treatment course without insurance.

How to save on Chantix

Save via Chantix:  On the official website, eligible patients can save up to $75 per monthly prescription if they qualify for the savings card.  According to the terms and conditions, the co-pay savings card is not valid for those on Medicare, Medicare or other federal/state reimbursement program.  It’s also not available for those who are eligible via their private insurance as well.  To see if you qualify, follow the link above, fill out the questionnaire form and if so, you can download the card to present at your local pharmacy just like you would your private insurance.

Pfizer RxPathways:  Aside from the downloadable savings coupon, Pfizer offers the Pfizer RxPathways program, a program designed to connect eligible patients with a range of programs that can offer financial assistance.  Offering more in terms of savings, you can see if you qualify by visiting

Third-party coupon websites:  Regardless of your financial circumstances, online third-party pharmacy websites can help you save money if your insurance doesn’t cover it or offer adequate coverage., for example, a popular pharmacy coupon-based website, allows you to search for the drug, see the costs at your local pharmacy and print the coupon immediately.  Just like your private health insurance card, you can present this coupon to pay the price you see on the website.  Keep in mind, however, that you will not be able to use your private insurance with this coupon option.

Larger supply:  As you can see in our costs table above, the larger your supply is at the time of pickup, the more you can potentially save if your doctor prescribes you a longer supply.  Ask your doctor if he or she can prescribe a 90-day supply instead of a 30 day to help cut down the costs by more than 10%.

Shop around:  Pharmacies greatly vary with pricing, even if you have health insurance.  Be sure to call at least three to five pharmacies to see what they charge.

Chantix overview

Chantix, when used together with a support program, can help you quit smoking.  When prescribed by your doctor, he or she will ask you to set a date when you plan to quit smoking, and then, with this date, you will begin your treatment one week before this date, but your doctor may tell you to start the medicine anytime and quit smoking between days eight and 35 of your treatment.  For most, doctors will ask you to stay on the prescription for at least 12 weeks, and if it’s deemed successful, your doctor may ask you to continue for another 12 weeks to make sure you stop 100 percent.  All patients will vary, meaning it’s extremely important to follow your doctor’s advice; do not take more, less or even stop without your doctor’s permission.

The dosage amounts will vary for each patient, but for most, adults will start with a smaller dosage, around 0.5 milligrams once a day during the first three days, followed by 0.5 milligrams twice per day during days four through seven, and lastly, one milligram once a day until the end of treatment after day eight.

What does Chantix do?

Whenever you smoke, the nicotine from the cigarette is sent to your brain, where it is then attached to the nicotine receptors.  Once attached, a chemical known as dopamine is then released, making you feel good, the feeling you often feel after smoking.  However, as this dopamine level drops, your brain will crave more, making you reach for yet another cigarette.  This is where Chantix comes into play since it is designed to attach to those nicotine receptors, blocking the nicotine from ever attaching.  While taking it, dopamine is still released, but it will be much less when in comparison to nicotine.  To see how it works in full detail, refer to the official Chantix “how it works” video.

Chantix side effects

Quitting smoking naturally can often come with a variety of symptoms as your body tries to kick the habit, but adding in Chantix can make it feel as if the “lousy-like” feeling is due to the medicine, but most of the time, it’s due to your body kicking the habit.  The most common side effects while taking Chantix, according to Pfizer, can include nausea, sleeping problems, strange dreams and/or digestive difficulties.  The FDA also alerted the public that it can cause serious seizures and/or negative interactions when taken with alcohol.

Tips to know

Chantix may become a generic after the patent expires in November 2020.  This will all depend on other patents, FDA approval and if any manufacturers decide they want to make it.

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