How Much Does Cinryze Cost?

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Cinryze, a C1 INHIBITOR, helps prevent angioedema attacks, which is known to be a genetic disease that can cause the face and airways to swell, and is said to be one of the most expensive drugs in the entire world.

The freeze-dried powder, created from a protein which naturally occurs in the bloodstream, helps control the inflammation in the body and is manufactured by Shire.

How much does Cinryze cost?

According to, the annual costs of Cinryze is $230,826 per year and is considered to be the top five most expensive drugs on the market, falling number four on the’s list., a discounted prescription coupon-based website, listed the price of 30 vials of Cinryze 500 units for $84,675, an average of $2,822 per vial, regardless of which pharmacy you use.

The average 500-unit, sterile, single-use glass vial, as per this health study, was said to be $2,340.

Does health insurance coverage Cinryze?

According to, it appears 96% of Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans cover the drug and the same can be said about private health insurance companies, with the average co-pay reported to be in the $666 to $95,000 range.  As there are multiple health insurance policies on the market, it’s best to either contact your local pharmacy, health insurance company or even see if your health insurance company has a drug database online that you can search to see if you can find out what it could cost you when you use your health insurance plan.

Cinryze overview

Cinryze is for an infusion into the vein or under the skin and is often performed inside a hospital or doctor’s office setting, administered by a healthcare professional.  If you are given the opportunity to administer the medication at home, then your doctor will teach you how to prepare and use the medicine at home. Always use the medicine as directed, never taking more, less or stopping without your doctor’s permission.

Cinryze side effects

Common side effects, as per, may include the following:

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