How Much Does Coding Dojo Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

According to Coding Dojo, an onsite and online coding bootcamp provider, you can learn three full stacks in as little as 14 weeks with its onsite and online coding bootcamp options.

Teaching you more than just coding, the company teaches you how to solve problems, become a self-sufficient developer and when fully immersed in the program, you will learn how to master the fundamental blocks of the web and software development.

Coding Dojo Cost
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How much does the Coding Dojo cost?

According to the company’s official FAQ page, the costs of tuition will greatly vary depending on the location and the program type you sign up for as the company does offer an onsite and offsite program option, with different stacks taught at various locations.

Its onsite coding bootcamp, a 14-week program which offers three full stacks varying by campus, ranged anywhere from $10,495 to as much as $13,995, for example, with the Seattle, Washington location being the priciest option.

LocationStacks TaughtOnsite Tuition (as of publishing in 2018)
Chicago, ILPython, MEAN, C#/.NET$12,995
Dallas, TXPython, MEAN, Ruby On Rails$11,495
East Bay, CAPython, MEAN, Java$13,995
Los Angeles, CAPython, MEAN, Java$11,995
Seattle, WAPython, MEAN, C#/.NET, Java$13,995
Silicon Valley, CAPython, MEAN, iOS, Java$13,495
Tulsa, OKPython, MEAN, Java$10,495
Tysons Corner, VAPython, MEAN, Java$13,495

NOTE:  These were the prices at the time of the publishing and are subject to change, including the prices and stacks taught.  Refer to the official website for more information on the tuition price, enrollment dates and the stacks taught.

As for the online coding bootcamp, a part-time 20-week program that allows you to learn two full stacks, would cost $7,500, with the stacks being taught at the time of this publishing including Python, MEAN, and C#/.NET.

The onsite bootcamp option

The onsite bootcamp option, as the name implies, simply means you will take the courses in person, just as you would a traditional college course.  The entire course, as per the company, is 14 weeks long, and depending on the location of choice, will teach you three stacks via its curriculum.  Upon graduation, you will learn three in-demand stacks, have a portfolio to show future employers and have triple the job prospects as companies will use a different stack.  The program does note students should invest at least 70 hours per week while in the program, with the most successful graduates investing up to 90 hours a week.  Upon graduation, you will jump straight into the job hunting process with the help of the company’s career services department.

The curriculum covered with vary by the campus, but timeline looks like the following:

The online bootcamp option

The online bootcamp option, a flexible option in comparison to the onsite option, will offer access to an in-depth two stack curriculum, complete with access to real-time support from instructors.  This program, as per the company, is ideal for developers who cannot afford the on-campus program.

Unlike the onsite program, which lasts 14 weeks, the online program will last 20 weeks and the curriculum timeline will be similar, however, it will be spaced out more and the student will only learn two stacks instead of three.  Students will still have to meet the graduation requirements, including passing the belt exams, and career services will still be accessible, regardless of which curriculum option you choose.

Learning sessions will consist of two live learning sessions, but if you’re unable to make it, you can watch replays.  Students will also have access to project-based assignments and discussion topics to help connect with classmates in the program.


Scholarships are available to help cut down on the costs, with awards of to $1,000 for former/current military veterans and servicemen, women in tech and underrepresented diversity groups.  While applying, be sure to talk with the company, as well as check out the official website, to see if you can cut down your costs via a scholarship option.

Tips to know

The company claims an astounding 92% job placement within 60 days of successful graduation.  CNN notes the average graduate, upon completion, makes an average of $72,221 annually.

For those who do not qualify for scholarships, payment plans are also available to qualified students.

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