How Much Does CPI Security Cost?

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For more than 25 years, founded in 1982, CPI Security claims to be the leader in home security, as per the company’s official about us page, and they also claim to be the only provider that designs, installs, monitors and uses its own security system, connecting the homeowners no matter where you are, always bringing real-time knowledge with interactive systems such as video monitoring, system alerts, door and temperature control.

As of today, the company offers options in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.

CPI Security Cost
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How much does CPI Security cost per month?

Like most professional security systems, the costs of CPI Security will greatly depend on the type of package you choose as the company offers a variety of smart home packages, each with its own inclusions.  While the company doesn’t list the official prices on the website, they only state the basic security package, which would include three door/window sensors, no landline and 24-hour professional monitoring, would start at $29.99 a month, but the complete security package would start at $39.99 a month, but to receive more details, they encourage you to call the company.  Researching some of the reviews online, we found that the longer you committed to the alarm company, the more you would be able to save on your monthly bill

However, aside from the official website, we were able to find many customers online who did share what they were paying monthly, with prices ranging anywhere from $30 to $59+ a month, with an average $99 activation fee, but this could vary and up to $1,700 in equipment may be included in the initial install as well.

According to the reviews on, for instance, one reviewer said they were paying close to $50 a month, while another stated it would cost an additional $14.99 a month to add cameras to the account on top of the basic alarm prices.  Many warned that you should closely examine the contract ahead of time to know how long your alarm contract is going to stay active to avoid any cancellation fees.

inTouch Security Package (basic)Smart Home Video Package
starts at $29.99+/monthstarts at $54.99+/month
Free installationFree installation
Audio verificationAudio verification
1-year warranty on parts1-year warranty on parts
24/7 monitoring24/7 monitoring
5 door/window sensors5 door/window sensors
Motion detectorMotion detector
Control panelControl panel
inTouch outdoor HD camera
inTouch indoor HD camera
Door lock via touchscreen control
Additional Options (for a fee)
Doorbell cameraDoorbell camera
Door lock via touch screenSmart thermostat
Security camerasSecurity cameras
Garage door controlGarage door control
Smart thermostat

NOTE:  This information was sourced via a phone call to CPI Security and greatly vary depending on your inclusions, location, current promotion and contract signed.  For more information, we highly encourage you talk with the company directly and use this as an estimate only.

Packages – what’s included?

All standard packages include free professional installation, the inTouch app, 24/7 monitoring and the false alarm guarantee, with five door/window sensors, a motion detector, control panel and yard signs included as the equipment.

The next package, the Smart Home System with Video, will include everything in the standard package, but the package will also include an inTouch outdoor HD camera, inTouch interior HD camera, touchscreen door lock and remote video access with video verification.

Customers are also able to build their own security package, which can include fire/carbon monoxide monitoring, interior cameras, doorbell camera, exterior cameras, door locks, garage door control, smart thermostats, light controls and/or a streaming video recorder.

Tips to know

According to the company, if your system malfunctions and/or causes a false alarm, then the company will credit your account for any tickets and/or fines you receive from your local government.

If you do already have a system in your house, the company will take it over as they can monitor the system you already have.

Aside from a basic security system, the company has a slew of additional add-ons such as outdoor/indoor security systems, doorbell cameras, door locks, garage door controls, thermostats, light control and more.

Be wary of the contract stipulations as many customers noted they had to sign a six-year contract, with various auto-renew clauses and additional information.  Be sure to closely examine your contract before signing.

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