How Much Does Deplin Cost?

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Deplin (LEVOMEFOLATE ), a prescription-based medical food, is designed to be used together to help manage both depression and schizophrenia.

According to the official website, the drug is formulated and can be used with your current antidepressant to meet the nutritional needs for patients who suffer from depression.

How much does Deplin cost?

The costs of Deplin will depend on the dosage, your medical insurance and where you have your prescription filled.  The costs of (30) 15mg capsules can cost about $160 without insurance, whereas (30) 7.5mg capsules can cost about the same, according to  This seemed to be the same price at most pharmacies such as Walmart and Costco.

QuantityPrice (for both 7.5 and 15mg)

As for the average insurance co-pay, claims that Medicare will not cover this drug, but the typical co-pay, if your insurance provider were to cover it, would be about $169 for 90 capsules.

The drug

These capsules contain L-methylfolate, which is an active form of folate, one of the body’s essential B vitamins.  People who suffer and struggle from depression often lack this nutrient and is important to help with depression as your body may have a specific nutritional imbalance that causes your body to require extra active folate when you have depression.  Due to this, not having a sufficient amount of this folate can increase your chance of depression, even if you feel it has disappeared.

The drug, as per the company, states the drug is different as the folic acid is the not equivalent as an active folate seen in a non-subscription folic acid.  Since non-prescription folic acid needs to be broken down or activated when consumed, up to 70 percent of patients who suffer from depression have the inability to do so.  With this being said, the capsule already contains the already-activated folate to make you do not have to go through the steps mentioned earlier in order to activate it in the first place.  When the folate works, it can helhp boost your body’s ability to create neurotransmitters, the natural chemicals inside the brain, helping improve your natural imbalances and improving your mood naturally.

As this may need long-term attention, you will need to take this prescription under a doctor’s order.  Doing so will help your doctor track your progression and determine how long you should take this medicine.  In most cases, it can take up to two weeks for the medicine to start taking effect.

How do you take this drug?

Always follow the directions on your prescription label and take with a full glass of water after consuming the pill and take the doses in regular intervals.  According to the label, you can either take this food medicine with or without food.

Deplin side effects

Even though side effect may be rare, they can still occur.  Always talk with your doctor if you experience any side effects noted below:

Allergic reactions such as hives, itching, swollen skin, blisters and/or peeling skin with or without a fever.

Wheezing, trouble breathing and/or a tightened chest or throat.

A burning or tingling feeling that doesn’t feel normal.

Upset stomach and/or throwing up.

Deplin reviews

At, more than 70 visitors gave the drug a total of 7.7 out of 10, with the most helpful review stating  “you must wait at least three months or about six weeks until you start to see the effects.  The reviewer noted this drug, along with Wellbutrin really gave him a huge boost and higher energy level.  In the end, he said you should not rate this drug after a few days; again, you should wait a few weeks, just like the manufacturer even states.

7 people reviewed the drug on, giving it a 3.5 out of 5 stars, with negative reviews saying it greatly affected their moods, while others said it was a true happy pill when combined with other anti-depressants.

Over 145 people on gave the drug a 3.94 for effectiveness, 4.58 for ease of use and 3.84 as a total satisfaction rate.

How to save money on Deplin

The website we referenced earlier,, allows you to save money at your local pharmacy by simply printing the savings card found on the official website.  To take advantage of the discount, you pick out the pharmacy you want to have the prescription filled in your area, print out the card and bring it in for the savings.  No membership, insurance or any money on your part is needed to take advantage of the program.

The manufacturer of this drug, Pamlab, offers a low-cost alternative by having the prescription filled by mail order.  At the time of this publishing, you will pay about $175 for a 90-day quantity, regardless of your income.  They also claim you will pay no more than $58 per month.  For more information, you can either visit the official website here or call (844) 561-6925 to enroll.

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