How Much Does Dofetilide Cost?

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Dofetilide, a generic version of Tikosyn approved by the FDA, is a prescription designed to help make your heart beat normally or even help slow down a rapid heartbeat.

Part of a group of medications known as antiarrhythmics, it is able to work by slowing down the nerve impulses in the heart.

Dofetilide cost

The cost of Dofetilide, as with any prescription, will depend on your insurance coverage, the dosage, the quantity and the quantity you choose.  As there are many options, we broke down the average costs in our table below for those who do not have any health insurance options.  As of this publishing, the drug is available in 125 mcg, 250 mcg, and 500 mcg strengths.

DosageAverage Quantity/Price
125mcg- 30 capsules: $100
- 60 capsules: $195
- 120 capsules: $385
- 180 capsules: $565
- 270 capsules: $1,350
250mcg- 10 capsules: $55
- 30 capsules: $100
- 60 capsules: $195
- 180 capsules: $190
500mcg- 10 capsules: $40
- 30 capsules: $100
- 60 capsules: $195
- 180 capsules: $565

NOTE:  Do keep in mind that these costs are for those without insurance and can greatly vary depending on the factors mentioned above.

Via, the costs of the prescription, when you used their free discount card, seemed to be the cheapest at Walmart, Walgreens and CVS, with Kroger and Costco being the most expensive option.  As for insurance, GoodRX does note Medicare will cover it, with most patients paying a co-pay ranging anywhere from $15 to $433.

As for those who have a private health insurance plan, the average co-pay for 180 capsules ranged anywhere from as little as $40 to $300.  If you do plan on using your health insurance policy, you can either talk with your health insurance company and/or the pharmacy directly to see what you will be responsible for.

According to the price average, the 125 mcg averages $367 for 60 capsules, and the 250 and 500 mcg averages $367 for 60 capsules.

How it’s used

Take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor and never take more or even less of it unless you talk with your doctor ahead of time.  This medicine, as per the directions, will work best when there’s a constant supply inside the body, meaning you will need to take a constant amount at the same time every day to keep it constant.  In most cases, your doctor will ask you start this medicine while you’re still at the hospital in order to check your heart rhythm and determine which dosage works for your situation.  Doctors note you will need to be prepared to stay at the hospital for up to three days in order to find the right amount.  The dosage will be different for everybody since the amount of medicine you take will depend on the strength and the problem you’re experiencing.

The drug can be taken with or without food.

Dofetilide side effects

Commonly reported side effects, as per, include flu-like symptoms, dizziness, a fast/slow heartbeat, fainting, chest pain, paralysis, numbness, slurred speech, swelling, breathing troubles, weight gain, and/or yellow eyes/skin.  Less common side effects, as per the list, can occur as well, including back pain, chills, coughing, fever, headaches, joint pains, nausea, rash, shivering and sneezing, to name a few.  If you experience any side effects as mentioned, be sure to talk with your doctor immediately.

How to save money on Dofetilide

There may be alternatives, designed to work in the same way, which could cost much less.  Known as a drug class of Antiarrhythmics, Pacerone, Tambocor and Betapace, to name a few, can cost less than $30, even without any health insurance, for example.  Unless your doctor has a reason to prescribe this medicine, see if he or she can prescribe a lower cost medicine to help you save a few dollars.

The manufacturer of the drug has a program for eligible patients for as little as $4 a month (30-day fill), but it is not available for those who are eligible for Medicaid, Medicare or any related federal or state healthcare programs.

Consider using prescription coupons, such as the website mentioned above,  By printing the coupon for free, you could save a few hundred dollars.  These programs are free and only take a few seconds to print your card.  If considering, be sure to compare a few pharmacy coupon-based websites as there are a lot to choose from online.

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