How Much Does Dog Food Cost?

Dog food is one of the many recurring costs you will experience each month as you take care of your dog.  The cost of dog food will depend on the type, ingredients, brand and where it’s purchased from.

Dog Whisperer dog food by diaper, on Flickr
Dog Whisperer dog food” (CC BY 2.0) by  diaper

How much is it?

Dog Food BrandCost
Blue Buffalo Dog Food$45 to $50 per 30 pound bag
Blue Wilderness Dog Food$48 per 24 pound bag
California Natural Dog Food$45 to $50 per 30 pound bag
Evo Dog Food$35 to $50 per 15 pound bag
Fromm Dog Food$36 to $46 per per 33 pound bag
Iams Dog Food$25 to $30 per 30 pound bag
Kirkland Dog Food$30 per 40 pound bag
Natural Balance Dog Food$32 to $36 per 13 pound bag
Orijen Dog Food$55 to $65 per 15 pound bag
Pedigree Dog Food$20 to $25 per 50 pound bag
Science Diet Dog Food$25 to $30 per 17 pound bag
Victor Dog Food$46 to $51 per 40 pound bag
Zignature Dog Food$50 to $55 per 27 pound bag

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know:

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How can I save money?

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