How Much Does DoorDash Cost?

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DoorDash, an on-demand restaurant delivery service, delivers local restaurants in your area, such as Taco Bell and Cheesecake Factory, right to your doorstep, all without the need to even step foot outside of your door.

The mission of DoorDash is to deliver food as efficiently as possible, creating a convenient way for customers to receive their food right at their doorstep.

How Much Does DoorDash Cost?
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How much does DoorDash delivery cost?

With DoorDash, customers will pay for the price of the food, any local taxes, a delivery fee as well as an optional Dasher tip and service fee, according to an official blog post at, making it hard to give an exact estimate on your total cost, however, we can delve into what you may pay for a DoorDash delivery fee when using the service.

The delivery fee, from what we researched, would depend on a variety of factors, including the distance of the restaurant from your home, the current promotion being held and the relationship the restaurant has with DoorDash.  For example, some restaurants in your area that have a relationship with the company may offer a free delivery fee if it’s your first time ordering with the company and a minimum spending requirement is met, however, if you’re ordering from a restaurant that does not have a relationship with the company and it’s five+ miles from your home, then your delivery fee could be as high as $7, plus miscellaneous fees such as service fee and “small order” fee, for example.  This fee, as per QZcould increase depending on the current demand.

In one instance, we attempted to purchase a $7.85 breakfast burrito combo, but after the sales tax ($0.61), the “small order” fee ($2), service fee ($0.78), delivery fee ($1.99) and tip ($2 was recommended), the grand total was close to $16.  Another did the same comparison on, finding out that Doordash charged about $4 more for his same order.

In conclusion, aside from the costs of the food, tip, taxes and miscellaneous service fees, the delivery fee can range from $0 to $7, while the service fees can range from $1 to $4 on average.  As for the food prices, however, be sure to pay close attention to these prices as the platform often hikes the price up by more than 20% in some cases, but this is on a case-by-case basis.  For example, at a local Wendy’s, the $1 junior cheeseburger was $1.73 on DoorDash.

Delivery Fee$0 to $7+
Service Fee$0 to $2+
Local TaxesDepends on location (figure 6%~)
Tip20% recommended of total
FoodGreatly depends on order


$0 to $9 in fees + TAX + Tip (20%) + Food costs

How does DoorDash work?

The app or the main website, whichever method you prefer, is extremely simple to use.  If you have not done so already, the company will ask you to sign up and confirm the address you want the food delivered.  If you’re a new customer, remember, you will want to use our $10 off $10 coupon as this can make your first order quite cheap.

Once you create your account and confirm your address, it will then show you all of the restaurants in your area that will be able to deliver to your home, along with the delivery fee and the time it will take to get to your door.

Find the restaurant you like, click the logo and then add the menu items to your cart, adding special notes if necessary.

After everything is added, click the cart icon, confirm your order, glance at the fees, and if everything looks right, you will complete you order after you enter your credit card.

When your order is confirmed and completes, DoorDash will keep you updated along the way, showing you where your food is at during the DoorDash cycle, from placing the order to the driver who will deliver your food.

Grubhub vs DoorDash

GrubHub and DoorDash, both known for restaurant delivery, do not have much terms in differences, with the exception of fees and/or coupon code and the app usage.  Looking online, the reviews are mixed — some say they like the real-time tracking on DoorDash, while others like the reliability and simplicity of GrubHub.

DoorDash vs Uber Eats

Another popular service, Uber Eats, doesn’t have much in terms of differences, with the exception of fees and reliability.  From what we did research online, some people prefer Uber due to the tipping option after the service was performed and the delivery fees, which can often be cheaper than DoorDash.  As geographic regions greatly vary, it’s best to compare all of the top apps in your area to see which service offers the best price.

DoorDash vs Postmates

The major difference between the two here is that Postmates can extend beyond food delivery, delivering items from local grocery stores, hardware stores or basically any store you an think of.  As DoorDash is only focused on the restaurant delivery business, you will find that both are similar with fees and restaurant offerings, but there could be a limited difference depending on your location.

DoorDash locations

DoorDash is not in every city, but they are slowly expanding throughout the United States.   For a complete up to-do-date list, refer to this official location list.

Tips to know

The driver who delivers your food is an independent contractor and will not receive any of the fees paid, with the exception of the tip.  According to this thread, most drivers will receive $1 from DoorDash, plus a “pay boost,” plus the tip you paid; however, if you do not tip enough, then it appears DoorDash will pay more than the $1 based on its unknown algorithm.  The boost, in the end, from the company’s FAQ, will depend on the complexity of the order, driving distance, traffic, wait time at the restaurant, etc.

Since you can only pay through the app, DoorDash cannot accept cash, but the drivers can accept cash as a tip.

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