How Much Does Dr Fat Loss Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Dr. Fat Loss, as heard on popular radio stations such as Z100, 103.5 KTU, and 106.7 Lite FM, offers to “change your life today” with it’s a life-changing program.

Not a diet or weight loss program, the official website claims it’s completely natural, no shots, surgery or strenuous activity is required, and the entire program is fully supervised for total success.

Being 100 percent pre-tested, they target the root of your obesity suing their state-of-the-art technology.

Dr Fat Loss Cost
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How much does Dr. Fat Loss cost?

When glancing at the official website, we didn’t find the exact costs; instead, the company asks that you schedule an appointment to learn more about the program and costs involved.  The only thing we did find in regards to the cost was the “lose 20-pound guarantee,” which basically stated that you could be put back on the program for free as long as you follow the entire program’s terms and conditions.

While we didn’t find any exact costs online, we did find cost estimates based on this Yelp review page, which basically noted that you need to pay $2,000 for the program.  This is confirmed by multiple reviewers as seen in the “not recommended” reviews section.  These prices, however, are only deemed as an estimate and are not guaranteed.  For more information, we do encourage you to talk with the company directly for more information.

Aside from the program price, the costs of the food, separate from the program, are fees to consider and will highly be dependent upon which food you buy.

How does Dr. Fat Loss work?

The first step of the program, as per the official “how does it work” page on the official website, is the body composition analysis stage.  During this stage, a computerized body composition analysis will determine your weight, BMI, body fat mass, body fat range, fat free rating, visceral fat rating and other health indicators.

The second step of the program will be based on your composition analysis to help personalize and customize a program according to the test results.  This customized program, according to the company, will be able to help you remove toxins, balance your hormones, burn fat and reset your metabolism to lose the fat for good.  As long as you follow this customized plan, Dr. Fat Loss states you will feel healthier, better about yourself and even function better.  As a health transformation program, they reiterate multiple times that this is not a diet or weight loss program; instead, it should be looked at as a “transformation.”

The last step of the program, the meal plan, will include real foods, fruits, and vegetables, with no prepackaged foods, shakes or drugs included in the plan.  As part of the customized plan, this meal plan program will keep your body in the “fat burning zone,” allowing you to stay full throughout the day, all while avoiding any cravings.  Unlike comparable programs, the company notes the meal plan, based on the results from your computerized analysis, will help balance your hormones, reset your metabolism and keep your organs healthy.  All meals as part of the plan are low in calories, easy to follow and nutrient dense.

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