How Much Does Dynamic FatLoss Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Dynamic FatLoss, formerly known as Idaho Fat Loss, is a doctor monitored and unique diet plan which “claims” it’s different from any other diet program you may have tried.

While many diet programs focus entirely on the diet, the Idaho Fat Loss center will focus on your body’s unique chemistry and hormone balance to help turn off the way your body stores its fat and help your body consume the energy found within these cells.

In just 40 days, many of their patients have claimed to lose up to 20 pounds.

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Scale-A-Week: 29 October 2017” (CC BY 2.0) by puuikibeach

What is the average cost of Idaho Fat Loss?

While the official website doesn’t provide the exact numbers you’re going to spend when taking part of its diet program, we did find out via that the company will charge anywhere from $25 to $99 for the initial consultation.

From there, if you were to commit to the program, then the costs would greatly depend on the current discount being offered as they have offered discounts via multiple radio ads in the past.  According to their Yelp reviews, it appears the program will cost about $1,700 for about 40 days of service.  This estimate, according to the reviewer, would include a brief introduction to the program about eating, however, they didn’t go into specifics as to “how it’s done.”

These costs, however, could be lowered if you were to take advantage of a special promotion.  For example, at the time of this publishing, their official Facebook page did have some offers allowing you to save up to $500 off if you brought in a friend.

Being limited, it was very hard to find exact costs and information on the diet program as it was geographically restricted.

How it works

During the consultation, claims they will perform a body and hand scan, and using the results, the company will determine which foods are recommended for the diet plan as all food lists will be tailored to specific bodies.

With this plan, the first phase is a detox week, allowing your body to get used to the sudden changes you’re experiencing.  During this time, you will take supplements and will be asked to use only oil and sugar-free personal care products.  On day one, according to the blog post mentioned prior, you’re allowed to load up on the good fats recommended, and on the second day and days following, you will start the “very low-calorie diet” with the prescribed amount of vitamins and minerals.

The company, as per its official website, doesn’t believe in the miracle pill or the next fad claiming to lose an insane amount of weight in a limited amount of time.  The Dynamic Fat Loss, a unique and proven program, is unlike any other system on the market as they give you the metabolic secrets to help you burn fat for energy instead of always feeling tired and rundown when the body converts its fat into energy.  It has been tested with thousands of people over 30 years and has been doctor developed, assuring you it can’t be purchased on the Internet nor is it considered to be the next overnight weight loss fad.

The system, working with your natural physiology, is able to restore your hormone balance and optimize your metabolic activity.  With this strategy, clients will see rapid weight loss with nothing but natural ingredients and a simple healthy balance.

They claim there’s no exercise needed, no hunger, no cravings, no drugs, no hormones, no shots or pre-packaged foods required.

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