How Much Does ExecRank Cost?

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According to the official company overview, ExecRank is said to be transforming the ways companies and executives connect for advisory work.

Whether it’s a company taking their first steps to create an advisory board or augment an already existing board, ExecRanks created a flexible, on-demand advisory solution for any business needs.

ExecRank Cost
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How much does ExecRank Cost?

From glancing at the company’s official website, we could not find any definite membership pricing information; however, for more information, the company asked that you either spoke with their team directly or scheduled a demo by clicking the button in the upper right-hand corner of the website.

However, based on some third-party sources, we did find that the monthly fees for advisors looking for open board seats would cost about $200 a month.

For example, on this thread, a few members talked about how they were approached by an ExecRank representative, asking if they wanted to sign up for a $200 a month membership and were mostly curious if the service was worth it.  Someone also noted you would have to pay a $200 application fee in the beginning.  From what we gathered, most noted the experience was not worth it as they felt their application was thrown in with a pool of hundreds of other applicants, making it extremely hard to even get an email or call back.  One member, in particular on this thread, noted he had 34 applications pending and did not receive one interview through the process, with the high majority quitting after a few months.  These were the opinions of the members on this website and your results could vary.

A few members on this review page also confirmed the $200 a month fee, but some said the upfront fees, when combined with the first month, could reach $500 in the first month.

What’s included in the membership fee?

For executives looking for work, the company will allow you to search and apply for board jobs posted inside of their premium database.  The company is said to be the largest group of director jobs and advisory positions online.  Advisor education, also included, allows executives to network and connect with peers to help build their personal network.  Lastly, with the company’s brand and profile development, members, either as an advisor or board member, can build their brand as companies search through your biography.

According to the company’s statistics, more than 10,000+ of the world’s top executives use the platform to connect with a board and advisory role, with more than 124+ industries representative throughout the world.  As of this publishing, 5,000+ companies used the platforms as their preferred platform, with companies connecting every 15 minutes with a new executive.

For company profiles, companies can create an account to help list their company, explain the opportunity and the ability to review candidates inside the database to connect with a professional who shares the same vision.

ExecRank reviews

A pinch more than 70 reviewers on gave the service a three out of five-star rating, with most of the positive reviewers noting the company did what they promised by connecting them with reputable companies who were looking for an advisor.  The negative reviewers, however, focused more on the lack of relevant positions, no answered from companies, even after submitting hundreds of applications, and the feeling the investment wasn’t worth it.  From what we could gather, it appears your results will highly vary as it will really come down to your professional background and what the other companies are looking for.

The Better Business Bureau gave the company a B- rating at the time of this publishing, with a total of 12 complaints.  Most of the complaints related to the sales pitch, non-refundable fees and poor job postings.

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