How Much Does FasTrak Cost?

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FasTrak is an electronic system that is used solely in the state of California — a system used throughout the state on toll roads, bridges, express lanes, and the California Freeway system.

Like other electronic systems in other states, the system is designed to eliminate the need to stop at any toll booths, freeing up traffic congestion and is designed for people who have to travel on these toll roads or cross over these bridges on a regular or even daily basis.

It is also a much cheaper system to run since it is not required that the state pays an employee to sit in the booth and take money.  This allows the state to keep the cost of a toll road as low as possible.

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How much does FasTrak cost?

With FasTrak, there is a $2 minimum fee that is charged to the card every month for the transponder; however, if you pay at least $25 in tolls, the fee will be waived.  The price of FasTrak will depend on what roads you are going to take throughout the month.  Every time you pass through a FasTrak toll road, that particular fee will be applied to your car, which is noted below.

Depending on the road, tolls paid with FasTrak can range from $0.55 to as much as $5.75.  The costs of the toll will depend on the toll road, the time of the day, the method of payment, and how far you traveled on that road.  For example, the toll rates on the 73 Toll Road can cost $3.95 to $5.75.  However, on the 133, 241 and 261 Toll Roads, the rates can range from $1.30 to $3.  Refer to the chart below for toll rates.

So for example, if you were to travel the 133 Toll Road every day, you could spend anywhere from $39 to $90 for a 30-day period.

When opening a new account, a cash account will require a $30 minimum balance, while a credit card account will require a prepayment of $45.

Toll RoadFasTrak
73 Toll Road
Catalina View$5.50 (peak); $4.60 (off-peak); $4.35 (weekend)
Bonita Canyon$0.90
Newport Coast$2.05
El Toro/Laguna Canyon$2.30
Glenwood Drive$0
Aliso Creek$1.75
La Paz/Moulton$1.30
241 Toll Road
Windy Ridge$2.45
Tornato Springs$2.45 (peak); $2.20 (off-peak); $2.20 (weekend)
Portola Pkwy - North$1.70 (peak); $1.35 (off-peak); $1.35 (weekend)
Alton Pkwy$0.85
Lake Forest$0
Portola Pkwy - South$0.60
Los Alisos Blvd$0.55
Santa Margarita Pkwy$0
Antonio Pkwy$0.60
Oso Pkwy$1.30
261 Toll Road
Irvine Ranch$1.70 (peak); $1.35 (off-peak); $1.35 (weekend)
Irvine Blvd$0.85
Portola Pkwy - West$1.35
133 Toll Road
Orange Grove$1.70
Irvine Blvd - East$0.85
91 Express Lanes$1.40 to $9.35 (
Golden Gate Bridge$5
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge$4 or $6 (5-10 a.m. and 3-7 p.m.)
Carquinez Bridge$5
Benicia-Martinez Bridge$5
Richmond-San Rafael Bridge$5
I-15 Express Lanes$0.50 to $8 (depending on miles traveled)

NOTE:  These are rates for FasTrak users for a 2-axle vehicle.  This information is accurate as of 1/28/2014.

FasTrak overview

To sign up for FasTrak, you will first need to sign up for an account online in your local area, which can be in the Greater Los Angeles area, the Bay Area or the metropolitan San Diego area.  You can either do this via online with a credit card, by calling 511, by mail or at a local designated walk-in center. Once you sign up, a transponder will arrive in the mail that will have to be mounted to the window to work properly.  Before every trip begins, you will program FasTrak to indicate how many people are going to be traveling through the car.  Whenever the car enters a FasTrak lane, the transponder will collect the data, charging your account.

FasTrak can be used in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Northern California and the San Diego area.

Peak times are going to depend on the toll road.  Peak times will be Monday through Friday in the early morning going northbound (7-9 a.m.) and late afternoon going southbound (4-7 p.m.).  Off-peak times will be outside these time windows and on weekends.

The transponder must be used in a car that is registered on the account; if the toll road is not able to read the transponder, it will take a picture of the license plate, sending the bill in the mail that way.

What are the extra costs?

A monthly $2 fee is assess per transponder but waived for every $25 in tolls incurred each month.

Requesting an extra printed statement will incur a $2 charge.

Returned checks or insufficient funds can incur a $15 to $25 charge.  Declined credit can assess a $5 charge.

A collections fee can range from $20 to $75.

If the transponder is stolen or lost, it can cost $35 to $50 to replace it.

A FasTrak violation will amount to $25, plus the cost of the toll.  If you fail to respond to the notice, then the toll amount, plus a $70 penalty will be applied.

Tips to know:

Those who pay in cash will be required to bring their balance back to $45 when it reaches $15.

How can I save money?

AAA, Costco and Albertsons offer discounts when you buy a FasTrak there.  For example, at Costco, you can get $30 worth of tolls for $25.

Qualifying residents can receive a special discount through the Equity Plan if you meet certain income requirements.  Going this route will require proof eligibility.

FasTrak is going to be a lot cheaper than paying cash each time, and it will also save you time and hassle.  If you plan on using the tolls more than five to 10 times a month, it is ideal to get a transponder.

A carpool loyalty program is available for those who carpool on the I-110 or I-10.

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