How Much Does Feta Cheese Cost?

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Usually made in Greece, this cheese is crumbly and is produced in blocks with a grainy based texture.  Feta cheese is commonly found in dishes such as salads, pastries and even sandwiches.  Generally sold in blocks, the cost of feta cheese is going to depend on the brand, quality, location and amount needed.

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How much does feta cheese cost?

Fresh feta cheese sold either online or at a local grocery store can cost anywhere from $3 to $7 per pound.  For example, a 2-pound deli fresh block of feta cheese by ParthenonFoods retails for $6 to $9.

Local farmer’s markets may sell feta cheese such as Greek, Bulgarian, as well as French.  Fresh cheese commonly found at a local farmer’s market can range anywhere from $4 to $9 a pound.

8-ounce containers, commonly found at a local grocery store, can cost anywhere from $4 to $11 depending on the quality and brand of the cheese.  For example, a popular brand such as President sells its 8-ounce container for $5 to $8.

Forum members on this thread stated they paid anywhere from $9 per pound to as little as $3 for five ounces.

Feta cheese overview

Feta cheese is typically made from a goat’s or sheep’s milk; however, according to Dr. Gourmet, the average mass marketed feta cheese will be made from cow’s milk.  A true feta cheese will be rich, crumbly and much lower in fat when compared to the brand name cheese.

This cheese is considered a “brine” cheese since it will be cured in salt water, giving it a very salty taste.  One ounce of feta cheese, on average, will have close to 300 mg of sodium.  Compare this to a swiss cheese, which has less than 200 mg of sodium.

One ounce of this cheese will have about 75 calories, six grams of fat, one gram of monosaturated fat, four grams of protein, one gram of carbohydrates, 316 milligrams of sodium and close to 25 milligrams of cholesterol.

Feta cheese will come either prepackaged in a block or in a container.  Purchases over one pound will usually come in a block, while eight ounces may come in a container.  This cheese can either be pre-crumbled or blocked so that you can crumble it yourself.

Tips to know:

To get the finest feta cheese possible, look for those that are directly from a brine bath.  Look inside of the packaging to see if there is any brine to ensure that it stays moist.

Feta is best when eaten fresh.  If you don’t plan on eating it right away, it’s best to let it sit in a brine or milk bath.   On average, this cheese will last no more than three months.

When storing, don’t freeze it as it will take away most of the flavor.  Instead, consider placing it in the refrigerator using the tips above and plan on keeping it for up to three months.

Is feta pasteurized?  This is a question that often comes up when researching this cheese.  The answer?  Feta cheese, depending on where it’s purchased, may or may not be pasteurized.  For instance, most feta purchased in the United States will be pasteurized; however, some brands may not be.  It’s important to pay close attention to the product label to know for 100 percent certain.

How can I save money?

Try local warehouse retailers such as Costco and Sam’s Club.  The more you purchase, the less you are going to spend per pound.

Look for coupons of popular brands of feta cheese if purchasing from a local grocery store to see if you can save a dollar or two.  For example, the President brand often has a $3 off two containers on its websites or third-party coupon printing websites.

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