How Much Does Firazyr Cost?

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Firazyr, a protein used to help treat hereditary angioedema attacks, a rare, debilitation, and life-threatening genetic disease, is available via prescription only and is considered to be one of the most expensive drugs on the market today.  It works by blocking a chemical in the body known for causing inflammation, pain and swelling for patients with HAE.

How much does Firazyr cost?

The costs of Firazyr, like most prescription-based medication, will depend on the quantity and your health insurance coverage and based on these factors, one syringe can average close to $11,000 each without any health insurance coverage, according to and

A press release we found stated it could cost up to $300,000 annually without insurance, on average, to help address acute attacks or help prevent attacks.  This annual cost has more than tripled over the past two years.

Does insurance cover Firazyr?

According to, Medicare plans do not cover this medication and the same can be said about private health insurance policies; however, this doesn’t mean your insurance company will not cover it and/or there are other ways to save or alternatives available on the market.  To know if your health insurance company will cover this medication, we advise you either talk with your health insurance company directly, see if they have a drug cost database online where you can input your insurance information to find the costs and/or talk with your local pharmacy to see if they can provide the costs.  In the end, however, plan on your health insurance company denying you any coverage for the medication.

How to save on Firazyr

The OnePath® co-pay assistance program

The official drug manufacturer of the drug, Shire Pharmaceuticals, does offer the OnePath® co-pay assistance program, allowing you to save up to 100% off of the drug as long as you meet eligibility requirements.  According to the website, you need to be at least 18 years or older and no financial requirements are necessary to participate in the program.  However, for those who have Medicaid, Medicare or a related government-assistance program, the program can be used and the same can be said about any coupons, rebates or free trials as well.  To find out more information to see if you qualify, follow the link mentioned above to apply and see if you can save.

Firazyr side effects

Common side effects, as per the company, may include:

This is not a full list of side effects.  For more information, talk with your health professional for more information and/or to report any unwanted side effects.

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