How Much Does Fitstar Cost?

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Fitstar by Fitbit, now known as Fitbit Coach after it acquired the company, is a separate app that’s designed to help you have a variety of short workout programs that you’re capable of doing inside of your home without the use of any pricy equipment.

According to the company, you can “get fit anytime, anywhere” with access to unlimited adaptive video workouts and audio coaching.

How Much Does Fitstar Cost?
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How much does Fitstar cost?

According to the official website, and the official app when downloaded, members have two options — the annual subscription, which retails for $39.99 per year or a $7.99 a month option.  The app is free to download and use, but to access the content, you will need to sign up for a premium account.

What’s included in the annual subscription?

Fitness programs evolve, offering you personalized video workouts that adjust based on your goals, current progress and feedback.

The app offers unlimited variety and access, with new workouts/content added regularly.

Members are able to find programs that suit their schedule, ranging from as little as seven minutes to as long as one hour.

Multiple coach/personal trainers are available, allowing members to choose a professional that’s right for their workout regime.

You’re able to run or walk while being audio coached, designed to help increase your endurance and speed.

Choose from a variety of energizing music stations to help motivate you.

What exactly is Fitstart?

Fitstar is known to basically be a “personal trainer in your pocket,” allow you to gain access to workouts, fitness plans and personalized coaching as long as you pay the subscription fee.  The whole idea behind the app, according to, is a simple one — to have a variety of short workout videos that you’re able to do inside of your home without the need to purchase any expensive equipment.  Glancing at the app, members have access to a succession of quick workouts, categorized by muscle groups and specific exercise classes.

Tips to know

Fitbit Coach works with iOS, Android phones and almost all Internet browsers.

Members are able to use their Fitbit Ionic watch to access audio coaching and video workouts, all from your wrist.

Aside from English, additional languages are available, including German, Spanish and Portuguese.

In the past, Fitstar was a separate entity but was later purchased by Fitbit.

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