How Much Does Flagstone Cost?

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Flagstone is a “generic term” used to describe a flat stone, usually used for walkways, fences, roofing or patios.  This sedimentary rock is split into layers along the bedding planes and is a form of sandstone.

Commonly used for a walkway, patio, tile or even as a driveway for a patio, it’s a natural stone, meaning all pieces won’t be created equally and will come in a variety of colors, even if it comes from the same quarry.  Common colors include blue, red and rarer exotic colors.

Flagstone Wall by PinkMoose, on Flickr
Flagstone Wall” (CC BY 2.0) by  PinkMoose

How much does flagstone cost?

When contractors bid on a flagstone job, they will often quote by the square foot, usually in the $15 to $22 range.  This price will include the base materials, the mortar, and professional labor  If you don’t need the professionals, it can cost $2 to $4 per square foot for just the materials.  Since all jobs are so unique, consider getting multiple quotes from local, licensed contractors in your area for free from

If priced by the ton, which is just as common as pricing per square foot, then the costs can be in the $120 to $750+ range, depending on the type of flagstone and where you purchase it from. On average, a ton of flagstone can cover about 125 square feet.

The Landscaping Network says the national average to have flagstone installed can be in the $15 to $20 per square foot range.

The AZ Flagstone Supply company, located in Sedona, Arizona, lists its prices on its website.  The thicknesses, ranging from one to three inches, can start at $120 per ton.  Saw cut flagstone tiles, available in a variety of colors, such as sunburst, buckskin, pueblo, rosa and chocolate, and thicknesses start at $4.25 per square foot.

Install It Direct says the price for material and installation will be all over the map, but typically, it can range anywhere from $15 to $30 per square foot if you were to use a professional contractor.

TypeDescriptionAverage Price (per ton)
Arizona FlagstoneResists heat and can be commonly found as a pool patio$500
BluestoneNamed as so, this stone comes in a deeper blue color.$325
LimestoneCommonly used due to its low cost, but it won't be used for heavy-weight applications.$90
QuartziteHarder than sandstone and can come in more colors. Found in Okalhoma, Idaho and parts of Utah. Common colors include tan, gold, silver and gray.$550
SandstoneThe most commonly found flagstone in Southwestern states such as Arizona.$125
SlateKnown for its antique look, slate can be found primarliy on the east coast, coming in colors such as copper, gray and green.$550

As for projects, flagstone is commonly used for driveways, patios and walkways.  Each job will depend on the contractor you use, the type of flagstone, the job site and the factors mentioned below.

Type of ProjectAverage Professional Cost
Accent Wall$25 to $35 per square foot
Driveway$5,000 for about 250 square feet.
Fireplace Hearth$3,500 to $5,500+
Flooring$7 to $18 per square feet.
Patio$2,000 per 100 square feet.
Walkway$2,000 per 200 square feet.

Factors affecting the price


As you can see in our table, there are a few types you can choose, and depending on where you live, some stones may be more readily accessible than others.  Limestone, for example, is almost found anywhere, whereas sandstone will only be found in Arizona.


The geographical location of the site where the flagstone is being installed, as with any professional job, can affect the price.  The farther you live from the contractor, the more you may have to pay.


Preparing the site, such as removing landscaping, an existing project and/or excavating, can add to the price since more time and equipment will be needed.

Type of stone

All flagstone won’t be created equal.  Some flagstone such as limestone can be more fragile than others, making it harder to install.  Plus, if the stone is fragile, it can easily break while in transit or while being installed.  Because of this, 20 to 30 percent more may need to be ordered to ensure there’s enough material to complete the job.

Patterns and shapes

The more complex the pattern is, the more it can cost.  Irregularly shaped stones, for instance, can be harder to install since they will need to be cut.  The same can be said about the pattern.  A pattern which requires alternating colors, awkward patterns and/or extra design planning can increase the costs.

What are the extra costs?

Flagstone, if not available in your area, may have to be shipped out of state, leading to additional shipping fees.  Bluestone, if it were to be shipped from Connecticut, for example, would be quite costly if it had to be shipped to Utah.

Once installed, you can just install it and forget about it as it will still need to be cleaned and sealed to keep it in tip-top shape.  Sealing with a matte finish can help protect the stain and should usually be done once per year.  One gallon, on average, will cost close to $25 and can cover about 150 square feet.

Depending on the flagstone you choose, it is prone to cracking, chipping or even a stone can come loose.  While you can leave it be, some opt to fix the issue, which, of course, can lead to additional costs.  Repairing a chip, simple crack or securing a loose stone can all require a professional contractor.

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