How Much Does Flank Steak Cost?

Known to be one of the most inexpensive cuts of a cow, the flank steak is the cut from the abdominal muscles of the cow, basically right in the belly.  Meaning “over the belly,” this is a long and flat cut used in a variety of dishes such as a London broil, stir-fry or carne asada.  Serious Eats says this is most possibly the best dollar-to-flavor value out there.

With plenty of fat, juice and a deep, rich flavor, this tough cut can be tasty if sliced and prepared properly.  Also known as fajita meat or Roumanian strip, it’s commonly sold to restaurants as a cut for fajitas and will often have the membrane attached to it, which needs to be cut off before it can even be cooked.  For consumers, however, the membrane is often removed, making it easy for it to be prepared at home.

Flank steak by gbergin, on Flickr
Flank steak” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  gbergin

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