How Much Does FlexJobs Cost?

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If you’re looking for a job with some flexibility, such as a flextime, part-time or even a telecommuting-like job, then FlexJobs could be the answer, according to the company’s official website.

Allowing you access to what’s said to be the biggest database of hand-screened flexible jobs, the company not only offers job postings in over 50 career categories, they also offer award-winning content, job search checklists, skills tests and resources to help you find your dream job.

How much does FlexJobs cost?

According to the official website, at the time of this publishing, the company offered three options:  a $14.95 a month option, a $29.95 a quarter option or a $49.95 a year option.  The company notes that they offer a satisfaction guarantee and are will to do whatever it takes to make you happy with the service, even if it means you receive a refund on your subscription, kind of meaning it could be a free trial if you viewed it as such.

If you look hard enough online, however, you may be able to decrease these prices by as much as 30% with a coupon code.  For instance, a few bloggers we found via a Google search offered 30% off a monthly promotion code, allowing you to try the service for the first time.

What’s included in the subscription?

How do you start?

In order to even search FlexJobs, you will need to create an account, even if you want to view as a free member.  To see everything, you will have to input your credit card number after creating your free account.

If you do sign up, you will then be asked to fill out a detailed profile, upload your resume and then add work samples to your work portfolio if need be.   If you wish, you can also attach social media accounts, link to your LinkedIn profile and even change your privacy settings to allow certain people to view your profile.  Also, at this time, if you do decide to take part in any of the skills tests offered by the company, they will only post the results of any test in which you score a 70% or better.

After you finish, you are then able to view the job postings all as one or you can use the advanced search bar to find a particular job based on your skills and/or needs.  For example, if you just wanted work at home jobs only, then you would want to make sure you filter your results and select the 100% telecommuting option.  You can also filter by keywords, U.S. location, job types, categories, career level and the work schedule, for example.

Now, if you find a job that you’re interested in, then the application process will be different based on the employer’s setup.  For some job postings, you can hit the “apply for the job” button, which will then forward your resume and information to the employer that posted the job.  In other cases, you may be forwarded to the actual company’s website, where you will have to apply using their internal service.  Some may simply ask you to e-mail a particular person in the organization.

FlexJobs pros

FlexJobs cons

FlexJobs reviews – should you sign up?

Someone asked if the service was worth it on this thread, and while the top answer recommended because it was free, another commenter noted they tried it in the past said it may be worth trying out for the month, but for them, it didn’t work for them due to their odd work history that required specific requirements.

The company does have a perfect A+, 4.97 out of 5-star rating, but while we do not endorse the BBB because of unethical business practices, we will keep this here because you read the reviews about what people liked about the service, such as the ease of finding a job and the number of job postings in comparison to other job-based websites.

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