How Much Does Flexogenix Cost?

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The Flexogenix knee pain clinics, founded by board-certified radiologists and staffed board-certified physicians, utilize non-surgical joint pain treatment methods, such as regenerative medicine and physical therapy, to help patients regain their strength and mobility.

The five current locations, found in North Carolina and California, customize a plan to each patient’s need to help restore any joint function without surgery and return your life back to normal.

How much do Flexogenix treatments cost?

The cost of Flexogenix treatments will greatly depend on your treatment your physician recommends at the time and the health insurance policy you currently have as the clinics do accept most insurance plans, including Medicare.  As we get into further, the clinic, from what we researched, follows a five-step protocol, each with its own series of treatments.

The stem cell injection shots, which happen in the early stages, are said to cost about $500 per injection without insurance, while the hyaluronic acid injections will often be covered by your health insurance policy.  If not covered, these injections can cost about $300 per injection on average.  These fees were noted by one reviewer on this Yelp thread for the Los Angeles location.

The x-rays and ultrasound, which also happen during your first consultation visit, will cost about $300 without insurance.

As for the brace, the costs could not be confirmed, but the average customized knee brace can cost close to $1,000.

Factoring in the multiple injections, x-rays, ultrasounds, customized braces and routine visits, as part of its five-step plan, the entire program can exceed thousands of dollars.  Since everyone will have a unique situation, only the clinic will be able to determine the right course of action and provide you with a detailed treatment plan.

One reviewer on this Yelp review said he spent thousands of dollars, which included a few followup visits.

What happens during a visit?

During your first visit to a clinic, a board-certified physician, according to the official website, will offer you a no-cost exam.  During this time, he or she will use highly accurate medical imaging equipment to see how bad your joints are and pinpoint the exact location of the problem in question.

From there, the physician will be able to interpret your results, help diagnose your condition and determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the clinic.  In some cases, the clinic, seeing it doesn’t use surgery, may recommend surgery as your only option, assisting you in finding someone if you require it.  If you do qualify, then the clinic will be able to provide you a detailed analysis and a treatment plan, which will take place at one of their clinics.

The treatment options

Braces and Support – The in-house GaitScan technology will be able to scan your foot and map pressure, helping create a customized orthotic which will be inserted into your shoe.  Aside from the shoe inserts, the same technology can help customize a knee brace to help address inflammation, allow the joint to heal and help with asymmetric alignment.

Physical Conditioning Program – Based on their Kineti-Flex approach, this program involves using one-on-one therapy and evidence-based treatment to help support, realign and improve the patient’s joint pain.  Using their in-house technology, known as Zero G-Flex Anti-Gravity, this equipment will help reduce pressure on the joints, offering someone suffering from extreme pain to help regain any movement.  These sessions will always be performed by a fully certified therapist will help walk you through these exercises to help you regain your strength.

Progeni-Flex – This regenerative medicine treatment method uses stem cell and platelet-rich plasma to help promote healing, relieve joint pain and help rebuild your natural tissue.  This treatment option will be recommended for those with rotator cuff injuries, chronic joint pain, tennis elbow, ligament tears or carpal tunnel syndrome.

VisCare-Flex – With this procedure, a physician will use the same technology he or she used in the initial exam to help accurately inject the hyaluronic acid into the designated area.  This entire process will take less than an hour and the clinic notes you will be out the very same day, even able to drive yourself home without any assistance.  If successful, this injection should improve your joint pain for the next six months.

The five-step Knee-Flex program

Combining the treatment methods prior, Flexogenix created a specialized Knee-Flex program using the very latest FDA approved treatment options to help patients with a variety of options all underneath one roof.

  1. The step involves using advanced imaging methods to help outline the sensory nerves throughout the knee.  Implementing cold therapy to numb the nerves, this will then block them from transmitting the pain signals.  This type of therapy will help replace the use of steroids and protect sufferers from the long-term effects of steroid injections.  This pain relief, as mentioned by the clinic, will be temporary but will not replace the reconditioning which is necessary to see results.
  2. Using the advanced image-guidance technology, the medical team will administer a dose of hyaluronic acid with precision, which will help provide lubrication and temper the frictions inside the joint to diminish any bone sensation you may feel, ultimately lessening the pain and increasing your mobility.
  3. Once the knee pain is controlled, the third step involves the clinic’s reconditioning program, which will be designed to your specific needs.  During this step, the medical team will assess the many factors which may be contributing to your joint pain, and with this information, they will be able to produce a specific conditioning formula to not only correct the problem but prevent the pain from happening again.
  4. Next, the team will carefully examine the alignment of your joints to determine if you would be a great fit for either a short-term or long-term customized brace.  As with all of its treatments, they claim to research the latest technology in bracing, allowing the patient to feel maximize comfort as the braces can be very effective in unloading and redistributing the burden off the frayed areas.
  5. The final step involves injected an advanced injection to stop any further degrading and promoting the body’s natural healing process to create a strong foundation to help restore the joint.  Together, with Kineti-Flex® and bracing, it creates an advanced and comprehensive plan which helps patients avoid surgery.

Flexogenix reviews

All five of their official locations are reviewed on Yelp, with reviews ranging from 3.5 to 5 out 5 stars.  The positive reviewers noted the convenience, the treatment options, the cleanliness and the courtesy the doctors provided, while most of the negative reviewers talked about the treatments unable to help with the pain and/or the cost wasn’t worth it.

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