How Much Does Flour Cost?

Even though there are many types of flour grinded from a variety of nuts and seeds, the most frequently used is the all-purpose flour.

When used while baking, flour will contribute to the body, texture and flavor, binding the ingredients together to support the battery.  It can also used to thicken sauces, creams, pie fillings and even be spread out on a surface to prevent a dough from sticking to the surface.

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How much does a bag of flour cost?

BrandAverage Cost (five-pound bag)
Bob's Red Mill$3
Gold Medal$2.50
Gold Medal Organic$6.50
King Arthur$3.50
Store Brands$1.50
Type of flourAverage Price
All-purpose$2.50 per 5-pound bag
Almond$11 per 16-ounce bag
Amaranth$7 per 22-ounce bag
Barley$3 per 20-ounce bag
Bread$3 per 5-pound bag
Buckwheat$4 per 22-ounce bag
Cake$3 per 32-ounce box
Chickpea$2.50 per 16-ounce bag
Coconut$4 per 16-ounce bag
Corn$3 per 24-ounce bag
Farina$4 per 2-pound bag
Millet$3 per 23-ounce bag
Oat$3 per 16-ounce bag
Organic Unbleached$9 per 5-pound bag
Pastry$3 per 48-ounce bag
Pumpernickel$11 per 3-pound bag
Quinoa$10 per 22-ounce bag
Rice$4 per 48-ounce bag
Rye$4 per 5-pound bag
Self-Rising$5 per 5-pound bag
Semolina$3 per 24-ounce bag
Sorghum$3 per 22-ounce bag
Soy$3 per 16-ounce bag
Spelt$4 per 24-ounce bag
Tapioca$3 per 20-ounce bag
Teff$6 per 24-ounce bag
Whole-Wheat$4 per 5-pound bag

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