How Much Does Flovent Cost?

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The Flovent (fluticasone) inhaler, a prescription used to help treat the symptoms of asthma by decreasing the inflammation in your lungs, is only available as a brand name at the time of this publishing, with no generics readily available.

How much does the Flovent inhaler cost?

The costs of the Flovent inhaler, as with any prescription, will depend on the dosage, the quantity prescribed, the pharmacy you choose and your health insurance policy if you have one.  Based on these factors, we broke down the costs in the table below as there were a few options available.  Keep in mind that these prices are for those without any health insurance.

NameReported Price (without insurance)
Flovent 100 MCG Diskus- 60 each: $200
- 120 each: $400
- 180 each: $600
Flovent 250 MCG Diskus- 60 each: $275
- 120 each: $525
- 180 each: $775

Flovent HFA 44 MCG Inhaler- 12 grams: $200
- 24 grams: $400
- 36 grams: $600
Flovent HFA 110 MCG Inhaler- 12 grams: $265
- 24 grams: $525
- 36 grams: $775
Flovent HFA 220 MCG Inhaler- 12 grams: $400
- 24 grams: $800
- 36 grams: $1,200

NOTE:  These prices were sourced by calling multiple pharmacies in our region (Costco, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, CVS and Walmart) and were then averaged out.  From our phone calls, the prices didn’t vary too much but use this as an estimate only.  Prices are subject to change.

As for health insurance, most health insurance companies, including most Medicare plans, will cover this prescription, but not all of them from what we witnessed online.  As with any prescription medication, nothing is guaranteed in terms of insurance coverage, so to be certain that your policy will cover this drug before being prescribed, either search your health insurance company’s official drug database or talk with your health insurance company directly to see what you may be responsible for.

How to save on Flovent

Official patient assistance program:  The official manufacturer of the drug, GlaxoSmithKline, does offer a program known as GSK Access, a program which can help you receive this inhaler at little to no cost.  As with most programs, however, you will have to qualify in order to receive a discount and according to the fine print, it does note you will need to be enrolled in Medicare Part D, have a valid prescription, a proof of income and a copy of your Medicare insurance card.  For more information to see if you do qualify for a discount on this prescription if you cannot afford it, you can fill out an application by visiting

Patient assistance programs:  Aside from the typical federal and state assistance programs, there are plenty of non-profit organizations out there that want to help you with specific medications, including Cimizia.  The PAN Foundation, for example, both offer assistance for this particular drug for patients who meet qualification requirements.  To take advantage of the program, for instance, patients will have to have insurance, a valid prescription and must be diagnosed with a specific disease to qualify.  If you think you qualify, be sure to fill out as many of these forms as possible to see if you can receive financial assistance.

Prescription coupons:  Just like a health insurance policy, online prescription coupons via third-party websites, such as, can help you save up 80%.  Available for anyone, it works just like health insurance — all you have to do is find the prescription drug you need, the pharmacy you want to use, and with that information, you print out the free coupon and present it at your local pharmacy just like you would your insurance card.  If going this route, however, you will not be able to combine your health insurance plan with it; you can either use one or another.

Longer supply:  If you know you will need this prescription for longer than 30 days and do not mind paying upfront, ask your doctor for a larger supply to help cut down on the costs.

What about a generic?  The patent did expire in August 2016, and when a generic is available, it’s almost guaranteed to be cheaper than that of the brand name.  However, just because the patent expired, it doesn’t mean a generic will be readily available immediately as it’s still up to a manufacturer to make and the FDA will have to approve it.  With an expired patent, be sure to ask your doctor to keep you updated as to one may be readily available to help you save on the costs of the inhaler.

Flovent overview

Flovent is inhaled through the mouth, and after using, you will want to rinse your mouth out with water, making sure you do not swallow any.  Always follow the directions on the label and your doctor’s orders, never taking more, less or stopping without first consulting.  As with any prescription, talk with your doctor if you have any concerns or questions.

What are the side effects?

Side effects to watch out for include allergic reactions, a change in vision, chest pain, flu-like symptoms, trouble breathing, unusual swelling, white patches on the skin, coughing, dry mouth, flushing, headaches and/or a loss of taste.  This is not a full list of all side effects; for more information, refer to this official FDA guide.  If you experience any side effects you’re uncomfortable with, talk with your doctor immediately.

Tips to know

The inhaler will not work fast and will not be able to stop an asthma attack in the process, and for this reason, always make sure you have a rescue inhaler on hand.

As the active ingredient in the inhaler can suppress your immune system, talk to your doctor if you have any bacterial, fungal or viral infections, liver disease, tuberculosis or a weakened immune system.

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