How Much Does Fluencia Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Fluencia, a personalized way to study and learn Spanish online, offers step-by-step curriculum, professional images and access whenever you want, whether it’s your tablet, computer or smartphone.

Said to be the best way to learn Spanish online as per the company, the software was developed by the same Spanish experts who were behind the website,

How Much Does Fluencia Cost?
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How much does Fluencia cost?

The cost of Fluencia depends on the option you choose as the company offers three options, according to the official FAQ:  a recurring monthly option, which will cost $14.95 a month, a yearly plan, which costs $95.40 or about $7.95 a month and lastly, the two-year plan, which will cost $166.80 or $6.95 per month.  All members are able to take advantage of the free 15-lesson free trial before committing to a paid trial.

How Fluencia works

The online courses, according to the company’s “compare us” page will use adaptive SmartReview technology that enables you to learn the language faster.  Unlike competitors, such as Rosetta Stone, you can learn the shortcuts to communicate quicker with clear instruction in English, all taught by experts in Spanish as well as intelligent feedback which allows you to review the curriculum you’re struggling with.  According to the main page of the website, the lessons focus more on pictures instead of endless word lists and each step-by-step instruction makes learning clear, whether you started learning in school or are starting fresh.

As of now, the company offers 10 levels of curriculum, designed just for you, with each level handcrafted.  The first level, for example, starts with the basic meeting and greetings, words to use at the restaurant, shopping-related terms and more, while the last lesson level will focus on ways to search for something, astronomical terms and much more.  Within each of these lessons, as per this review, you will see a mixture of learning materials and exercises, ranging from vocabulary lessons to pronunciation guides, a pinch of grammar, sample dialogue and a review section.  To view the lessons in depth, the company allows you to do so via their extensive list here.

In the end, you can define your goal, set reminders to stay on track and watch your progress as you continue to use the software.

Tips to know

Fluencia is one of the many options online to help you learn Spanish.  Ron at, for example, created 21 of the most valuable no-cost resources to learn Spanish online.

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