How Much Does Gwynnie Bee Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription service which offers unlimited styles for women to browse, experience and then decide either to return or buy what they received.

With more than 150+ brands and styles, the company offers unlimited exchanges, free shipping back and forth, allowing you to shop smarter, discover new clothing and having fun, all while take a lot less risk.

How much does Gwynnie Bee cost per month?

The costs of Gwynnie Bee will greatly depend on the subscription plan you choose as the company does offer a variety of plans, ranging from 1 to as many as 10 items at a time.  At the time of this publishing, the costs, according to the official website, can range from $49 for one item to as much as $199 for 10 items, but they do offer a free 30-day trial period on the two item plan for new members only.  Shipping back and forth will be 100 percent free.

ItemsCost (per month)

The prices above will only include the subscription box service where they send the box itself and will not include the costs of the clothing if you were to commit to the clothing you’re sent.  On, for example, she was quoted $21 for a dress, $36 for overalls and $30 for a jumpsuit, meaning you will have to budget even more if you plan on adding the articles of clothing to your wardrobe.  These prices, however, are said to be discounted by as much as 50 percent if you were to compare the prices at a local retailer.

How does Gwynnie Bee work?

As with any subscription box-based service, you will first want to create an account using your preferred email and password.  After, you will be asked for specific brands and what sizes you currently wear to assess which sizes in their inventory will fit you best.

With a newly created account, you are then free to browse the company’s entire catalog, ranging from shirts to denim to skirts; you can see a full list of categories on the official website’s homepage near the top.  While looking around on the website is free, you will be asked to sign up for a subscription plan if you do decide to have a box shipped to your home.

Once subscribed, you can then add clothing to your “virtual closet,” with each item you choose sent to your doorstep in the future or if you so choose, you can outright purchase the item without having it sent.  Inside of this virtual closet, according to, you can flag eight “priorities,” meaning the company will send at least one of those checked items inside of each box.  The company asks you create a closet filled with at least six articles of clothing to ensure there’s no interruption in your service.  The first box, according to your website, will ship within two to three days.

As you receive each item, you can then decide to keep everything, send back a select few or even send back everything using the company’s prepaid bags.  As soon as you drop off the bag, the company will then start preparing the next box with as many items that you send back.  As long as you’re active, then the company will continue to send boxes.  Anything you keep, as mentioned above, will be charged on top of your subscription fees, and the costs of each item will greatly depend on the article of clothing and brand you’re looking to purchase.

Tips to know

Some of the top brands the company carries, as per People Magazine, includes ASOS Curve, Mynt 1792, Carmakoma, NYDJ, ABS and BB Dakota.

The company originally started as a subscription box for plus-sized women but is now open to women sizes 0 to 32.

There will be no limit to how many times a month you can swap items, and regardless how many times you do it, there will never be an additional shipping fee.

All articles of clothing are dry cleaned upon arriving back to the company, and even in the case you get the pieces you receive dirty, the company will charge no additional fees upon inspection.  As per the FAQ, customers will not be held liable for any snags, hems falling out and/or staining.

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