How Much Does Hack Reactor Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Founded in 2012, Hack Reactor, as per its official website, only selects high-potential students via a rigorous admissions process and will train them with over 800 hours of Computer Science and JavaScript curriculum which closely mimics the software engineering industry as of today.

Taught by highly experienced teachers, ranging from former engineers to hiring managers, the company claims to produce some of the best teams companies truly want to hire.

With onsite and remote educational opportunities available, Hack Reactor graduates can start a dream career in months.

Hack Reactor Cost
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How much does Hack Reactor cost?

Like most coding boot camps, the tuition cost of the Hack Reactor boot camp, regardless of which option you choose (onsite vs. online), will cost $17,980, with scholarships and financing options available for qualified students.  The company, on its financing page, does note that more than 50 percent of its students are able to receive help while financing their payments, whether it’s through lending partners, scholarships or a mix of both.  This price is as accurate as of 2018 and was sourced via the official website.

What are the qualifications?

The company states prior industry experience or coding is not required; however, successful applicants have been introduced to some code while working independently and/or via online courses such as Codecademy, for example.  Hack Reactor does state it is not considered to be a 0-60 course; rather a 20-120 course and if you haven’t written code in the past, then they recommend additional courses before you take the admissions challenge.  As the company doesn’t accept everyone, you can learn more about the company’s admission challenge by visiting this page.

Program options

The company, as of today, offers campus locations in San Francisco, New York City, Austin and Los Angeles, but if you do not want to take the courses in person, they also offer a full-time 12-week online program and 9-month part-time remote online program.  The roadmap starts with a precourse self-study session which lasts 80 hours, followed by an immersive program, either online or done remotely for the next 11 weeks, where students will learn about full stack JavaScript through pair programming, developing real-time programs using an industry-tested curriculum.  The last week, the career services week, helps you learn how to interview, negotiate your salary and build your online presence.  Then, for the months after you graduate, the company will help you with your career search as they leverage its extensive hiring network.  The entire program will include more than 800+ hours of curriculum.

Hack reactor reviews

Via, more than 190 reviewers gave the course an average of 4.6 out of five stars, with a high majority of the positive reviewers claiming that, even though the course was a challenge, it was one of the best decisions they had made in life.

On, 110+ reviewers gave a similar average rating of 4.6 out of five stars, noting the difficulty but being well worth it, leading to a dream job in the field.  As for the negative reviews, while rare, some stated they didn’t like the support they received, while others struggled to find a job after completion, even while using the company’s job support.

150+ reviewers on Yelp gave the San Francisco program a perfect five star, noting the challenges, job opportunities and curriculum.

Tips to know

You can schedule a campus tour if you’re interested in the on-campus classes.  During these tours, you can ask the staff any questions you may have and even see what a future in software engineering could entail.   Aside from the on-campus tours, the boot camp also offers free workshops, open to the public, which can help you learn how to code and experience what the paid program may be like.  Some events, if you’re lucky, may even have an industry expert who can explain the industry and answer questions.

To learn about the experience first hand, NoriMaki Arare at talked about the day-to-day life and what to expect if you were considering the program. notes 97% graduate on time, 73% are employed in their field and the median salary reported is $105,000.

The acceptance rate is less than 15% of its incoming applications.

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