How Much Does a Hall Rental Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 15, 2018

When you want to hold a large birthday party, retirement party, or even a wedding, you may need to rent a hall in order to entertain all of your guests.  Renting of a hall will also allow you to enjoy the party more instead of constantly working at the party or messing up your home.  Whether you want to rent a hall at the local VFW or maybe even a local building, the cost of renting a hall will vary.

How much are hall rental prices?

On average, most halls are going to charge for simple setups.  This is going to include tables, chairs, electricity and access to a kitchen or bar.  This can cost anywhere from $50 to $600 per hour.  The cost will depend on the geographical location, the type of hall being rented, time of year, time of week, the amenities and your demands.  We looked up popular hall rentals in the United States and were able to get a ballpark estimate in our table below.

For example, a VFW hall will cost anywhere from $50 to as much as $300 per hour, depending on the location.  Most halls are going to demand a higher price tag on the weekends since they are in greater demand.  Also, keep in mind that most are going to want a two to four hour minimum in order to book the hall.

Some halls will charge per person rather than per hour.  For example, hotels with conference centers can cost as much as $20 to $60 per person.  For a 100 person, four to six-hour party, the hotel conference room can cost as much as $6,000.  Some hotels will include catering, open bars and more.  Results are going to highly vary.

Churches are often another venue people use to rent their hall.  Depending on the church and its size, the costs can vary anywhere from as little as a donation of your choice to more than $800 for the night.  Forum members on noted their church often asked for a donation.

Brazos Hall Rentalstarting at $1,500 to $3,000 (depends on day)
Carnegie HallIsaac Stern Auditorium: base rate of $14,000
Zankel Hall: base rate of $4,500
Weill Recital Hall: base rate of $1,750
Cedar Lake$400
Copley Symphony Hall$500
Crown Point Indiana Hall$2,000 to $5,000
Fort Langley Community Hall Rental$700~
James P. Davis Hall Rental$425 to residents
San Marco Preservation Hall$100 per hour
St Lawrence Hall Rental$2,500~ depending on season

What is going to be included in the estimates?

Some halls will create packages that include the food, a wait staff and bartender.  These packages will be designed for themed events such as a wedding or graduation party.

Kitchen use, tables and chairs will more than likely be included.  Some halls will require that you have to set them up yourself.  Some may include a projector, screen, use of audio equipment and lighting equipment.

Most of your smaller VFW halls can accommodate around 100 to 200 people; this will depend on the location.

What are the extra costs?

Food, alcohol and drinks are going to have to be supplied by the party attending, or if the hall includes it, this will be a separate charge.  If the hall doesn’t include the food, they will more than likely have connections to local caterers.  Keep in mind some counties/cities may not allow you to have alcohol in the hall at all.

Music and entertainment will need to be factored in.

Some halls have DJs, security guards, and bartenders available for hire.  Most of these add-ons are going to start at $25 per hour.  Waitresses and waiters can also be hired for the night.

Halls are going to charge fees on top of the hourly rate.

All halls will require a security deposit.  This deposit is going to protect the hall from any damage that is done.   If damage is done, this security deposit may be kept.  The deposit is anywhere from 50-100% of the total cost.

Tips to know

If the hall includes a bar, they may ask for a minimum purchase in order to provide it.

Know the time restrictions as most halls will want you to leave before a certain time.

Read the contract carefully as there may be hidden fees.

How can I save money?

Shop around your town.  Check with local VFW halls, hotels and local churches.  Talk with at least three venues before signing a contract.

Try to haggle with some venues as many will bring the price down if the time of the year is slow.

Pick a time of the year when a lot of other people aren’t booking.  Also, consider having the party on a weekday.  This can save up to 50%.

Check with local churches in the area.  Many churches have rooms which can be used for these purposes and may be quite cheaper than halls.  However, most churches will require that you or someone you know is a member of the church.

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