How Much Does a Hamburger Cost?

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Hamburgers are a very popular food item sold in almost all countries around the world, and plenty of popular food chains offer a hamburger as their main food item presented in various forms.  This can include a regular hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger and so on.

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How much does a hamburger cost?

At a supermarket, a pound of hamburger can range from $2.30 to $4 per pound depending on the quality, geographical location and where it’s purchased.   The external costs to create a hamburger at home can be anywhere from $0.59 to $3 per burger, depending on the ingredients being used and the local cost of living.

Frozen hamburger patties are raw and uncooked upon purchase, and a six-pack made from a high-grade beef can cost $6 to $9.  At Costco, for example, they sell a 20 pack that retails for about $18.

The price of a hamburger at a local restaurant will depend on your geographical location and restaurant.  On average, a simple hamburger at a local fast food chain can cost $1 to $6 without any additions such as fries, while a higher-end pub in New York City may charge as much as $15.  A burger at McDonald’s or White Castle can cost $1 to $3, while a burger at a local chain such as Ruby Tuesday might cost $7 to $9. did a study and showcased the cost of a hamburger across the United States.  On their infographic, the costs ranged from as little as $6 in Philadelphia to as much as $9.52 in New York City. did a study comparing the Applebee’s burger compared to what it would cost to cook it at home.  In the study, the Applebee’s burger would cost $7.49, while cooking at home could cost you $2.20.

What are the extra costs?

If you buy the patty alone, extra costs will be the other ingredients that are added in the burger.  These ingredients can include the hamburger bun ($1 to $3), cheese ($5~ per pound), ketchup ($2 to $4) and lettuce ($1 to $2 per head).  This all depends on the type of hamburger you want to create.

Tips to know

The New York Times estimates Americans eat 16 billion burgers a year.

How can I save money?

You can save money by making fresh patties from scratch.  Premade patties, both fresh and frozen, will always be more than a package of ground beef.

Cooking a burger at home is simple and easy and will always be cheaper than purchasing at a fast food chain.  Plus, it will be a lot healthier.

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