How Much Does HealthTap Cost?

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HealthTap, a website that connects you with a doctor either via text or video chat, allows you to get prescriptions, referrals, second opinions, and more, 24/7.

To date, more than 11,000 doctors are available immediately to help you live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

How Much Does HealthTap Cost?
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How much does HealthTap cost?

The costs of HealthTap, from what we could see on the official website via the FAQ, noted the prices started at $49 for a virtual consult with a specific doctor or specialist, while HealthTap Prime, the company’s premium service, which offered on-demand service with the next available doctor, would cost $99 a month.  As for the virtual consult, the price could increase from the $49, solely dependent upon the doctor’s experience and their area of expertise. notes you can add additional family members to the Prime plan for $10 more per month.

The company also offers an “educational text answers” service for free, where you can receive basic answers from doctors who are currently online, but if you wanted more than one answer, a faster response and/or a reply that’s more than 100 characters, you would have to pay $5 for each option.

As for those with health insurance, your insurance company may help pay for your consult.  The FAQ noted that it would first depend on what’s covered under the plan, and to make sure, they recommended you talk with your provider before paying for any virtual consults on the website., for instance, said Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare and Aetna covered certain forms of virtual care consults.  For certain doctors within the  HealthTap Concierge section, they noted that certain doctors can have automatic eligibility checks, an option where HealthTap will take care of the claims submission.

How does HealthTap work?

To start, the company will ask that you sign up with a free account, simply by adding your email address and then providing some personal information such as your full name, birthday, and gender.  The whole process will take about two minutes to complete in order to access your HealthTap dashboard.

After you complete your personal profile, you are then provided with a variety of options, including “assess your symptoms,” “talk to a doctor,” search library,” “post a question,” and “explore care guide.”  You can also explore your sidebar toolbar, which offers additional options such as changing your settings, viewing care guides, setting notifications, adding family members to your profile, adding nearby doctors to your “care team,” as well as exploring your history if you used the system in the past with a doctor.

To use the system to talk to a doctor for medical help, you can do so in three different ways:  either via a video chat, via text or by asking the doctor community.  In order to reach out to a doctor on a personalized level, however, you will need to first fill out a simple questionnaire, asking questions about your current conditions, the medications you’re on, which part of your body you’re experiencing problems with and a detailed description of your problem.  Based on all of this information, HealthTap will then provide a list of doctors who are willing to help as well as the price that particular professional charges. At this time, you can also research your symptoms via the company’s guides before connecting with a doctor as well.

When you’re ready to talk or text with a doctor, then you click the “Ask Doctors” question to consult with the next available doctor, either in the Prime account, if you’re a Prime member or Concierge account, if you just want to pay once and that’s it.  At the bottom, you will then be presented with either a video call, voice call or text chat option.

HealthTap reviews

On, 65 reviewers gave the company a one out of five-star rating, with the high majority of the reviewers talking about the billing practices and the doctor never showing up to talk.  Those who were able to get to a doctor and chatted found it to be frustrating because they were told to go see their local primary care doctor.

Google Play members gave the app a 4 out of 5-star rating, with many saying the opposite of TrustPilot, noting the doctors were quite helpful in a diagnosis, while others shared the same frustrations, saying they never were connected to a doctor or the doctor referred them to a local doctor, making it feel like a waste of money.

With 70+ reviews on iTunes, the app received a similar score to the Google Play store, a 4 out of 5-star rating.  Some said it was helpful, even the free portion of the app, whereas the negative reviewers, again, complained about the experience with the doctor and some tech support problems.

Tips to know

Doctors can prescribe medication and send it to your local pharmacy; however, they are not able to prescribe DEA Schedule I-V medications, state-regulated medications, psychiatric medications or lifestyle medications, such as Viagra and birth control, for example.

Aside from HealthTap, other alternatives do exist on the market such as MDLive, Teladoc and Doctor on Demand, for example.  Each program offers its own pricing and features.

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