How Much Does iLoveKickboxing Cost?

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iLoveKickboxing found out that boredom was one of the main reasons people stopped working out.

Looking to change that, the iLoveKickboxing franchise went to work to create a fun, always engaging, exciting and challenging way to work out.

No matter what your age or fitness level is, the company notes anyone can do it.

How Much Does iLoveKickboxing Cost?
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How much does an iLoveKickboxing membership cost?

As the company offers multiple locations throughout the United States and each one is individually owned, the costs of signing up will depend on the location you want to sign up and the current promotion currently being held.  Based on this information, the costs, from what we researched via third-party websites online, seemed to range anywhere from $20 for three classes to as much as $30~ for five classes, but this was a price range for those who sign up for the program.

If you continue to participate after the discounted coupons/promotions, then the prices will increase to an average of $130 to $200+ a month, according to some Yelp reviews.  These costs would depend on the membership package you choose.

For instance, we did find a while writing this, which offered a $25 for four classes with a 40-minute personal training session coupon and a $40 10 kickboxing session and 40-minute personal training session.  It appeared the company usually offered a Groupon, so it doesn’t hurt to look for one before signing up.

For example, at the Houston, Texas location, one member was presented with a $125 a month with a 12-month commitment or $150/$175 a month with a seven-month commitment, plus the initial fee, which was about $200~.  Some of these packages will include unlimited visits, while other packages will have a set amount of classes you can attend in the month.  Your club, once your promotion expires, will present you with the options they currently have.

The Daily Herald stated the prices ranged from $13 per class to unlimited classes for $125 a month at the Aurora, Illinois location.

To know what the prices are in your area, you can sign up via the official website, input your email address, and once you do, it will present you with the costs at your local location.

What’s included in the membership fee?

At the time of this publishing, our local location, when we attempted to sign up, would include free boxing gloves (a $45 value), a free fitness report and free fat-loss program.  Again, this was at the time of this publishing and is subject to change.

The classes are not your typical “follow the leader and punch the air” type class; instead, they want you to envision it as a well-balanced workout that consists of cardio training and resistance training that will help you burn fat and tone muscle in a short period of time as long as you follow a proper diet and follow the workout schedule.   Each class will last 60 minutes.

Offering classes six days a week, most members will see results when attending an average of one to three classes a week, but what you take is solely dependent upon your personal schedule.

Aside from the classes, the company will also help offer you nutritional tips as you can schedule a personal appointment with an instructor to help answer any nutritional questions you may have.

iLoveKickboxing reviews

Glancing at most of the Yelp reviews for the locations across the United States, the reviews seemed to be mixed, ranging anywhere from a perfect five-star rating to as little as a two out of five rating.  For the positive reviewers, most people seemed to enjoy the Groupon deal they found online and enjoyed the motivating class with the multiple instructors to help as the class went on.  Most felt welcomed to the class, loved the challenge and instructors, at most locations, seemed to be very helpful and friendly.  As for some negative reviews, most seemed to complain about the prices they were quoted after the Groupon deal expired, while some, dependent upon the location, said it was hard to cancel.  Remember, all locations are individually owned, so your results are going to vary on your experiences.

Tips to know

The average class size ranges from 15 to 30 people, but the larger the class is, the FAQ notes more instructors will be available to help out.

iLoveKickboxing encourages people of all ages and levels to sign up.  However, those younger than 18 years old will need to be accompanied by a parent on their first visit.  The company states the minimum age to attend is 13 years old.

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